Where to place warning signs in Fortnite

Here's where to place four warning signs in Fortnite for this week's legendary challenge

A light blue outline of a sign outside of a pink cottage in Fortnite

It’s week 14 of Season 7 in Fortnite, and this week’s legendary challenge tasks you with placing warning signs in Fortnite. The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 release date is less than a week away, so there are only a few days left to complete this season’s battle pass.

As Fortnite Season 7 draws to a close, you need to warn characters of impending doom, shut down power to radar dishes, spoil the mole’s sabotage attempt, and confront the mole for this week’s challenges. There’s a lot to get through this week as the Mothership homes in on Corny Complex and the new season event approaches that will bring an end to the alien invasion.

You need to place four warning signs in Fortnite this week. Luckily they are all relatively close to each other and can be found in Dirty Docks, Misty Meadow, or Pleasant Park. Here are all the locations you need to place warning signs. Similar to other challenges, they appear as a light blue outline that you can interact with.

Fortnite Warning signs locations

Here are all the warning sign locations in Fortnite:

A map of warning signs in Misty Meadow

Misty Meadow warning signs locations

  • West along the main road in front of the shop
  • In the bottom left corner by the fountain
  • In front of the coffee shop on the road northeast

A map of warning signs in Dirty Docks

Dirty Docks warning signs locations

  • To the right of the road leading into Dirty Docks
  • In the centre of Dirty Docks, by the carpark
  • Near the orange cranes at the back of Dirty Docks
  • Outside of the warehouse northeast of Dirty Docks

A map of warning signs in Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park warning signs locations

  • To the left of the football pitch along the road
  • To the right of the football pitch along the road
  • Outside of the house northeast of Pleasant Park

We recommend heading to Dirty Docks to check off this challenge quickly. This is also your last chance to get your hands on the Clark Kent skin and complete Superman challenges for these Season 7 skins.