Warn characters of impending doom in Fortnite

Here's where to find NPCs in Fortnite and warn them of impending doom

It’s week 14 of Season 7 in Fortnite, and this week’s legendary challenge tasks you with warning characters of impending doom. So, what exactly does that mean?

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 release date is less than a week away, so there are only a few days left to complete this season’s battle pass. It’s all kicking in off in Fortnite, as you also need to place warning signs in Fortnite, foil a sabotage attempt, and confront the mole, as the Mothership homes in on Corny Complex.

For this quest, though, you only need to warn three characters about the impending doom –  there are a total of 22 Fortnite NPCs that you can warn. What you’re warning them of is still unknown, but there is a Fortnite new season event this Sunday, Operation: Sky Fire, which brings an end to the alien invasion as you infiltrate The Last Reality. The teaser also shows Kevin the Cube in the lower right of the image, so here’s hoping for the legendary cubes return.

Warn characters of impending doom in Fortnite

Here are all the locations you can find the Fortnite characters around the map:

A map of Fortnite with orange map icons marking locations of NPCs

  • Abstrakt – behind the supermarket in Retail Row
  • Human Bob – building in the northeast of Steamy Stacks
  • Guggimon – in the house close to Lockie’s Lighthouse, which is on the big island northeast of Coral Castle
  • Sunny – on the pier of Believer Beach
  • Bunker Jonesy – in Lumber Lodge, which is southwest of Misty Meadows
  • Dreamflower – near the purple corruption west of Boney Burb
  • Joey – close to the entrance of Dirty Docks or southwest of Believer Beach
  • Hayseed – at Steel Farm, which is northeast of Corny Complex
  • Marigold – walking around Lazy Lake
  • Maven – at Dinky Dish, which is the base on the hill west of Steamy Stacks
  • Rick Sanchez – at Defiant Dish, which is the base east of Weeping Woods
  • Riot – on the Yellow Steel Bridge, east of Misty Meadows
  • Rook – in the abandoned IO base west of Dirty Docks
  • Special Forces – at the entrance to the bunker close to Catty Corner
  • Swamp Stalker – at the southwest corner of the map, south of Slurpy Swamp
  • Doctor Slone – in the underground base hidden under the barn in Corny Complex
  • Beach Brutus – on the western side of the beach in Believer Beach
  • Zyg & Choppy – various locations
  • Kymera – around the border of Coral Castle
  • Clark Kent – in the house north of the farmers market southwest of Steamy Stacks
  • Armored Batman – by the shipping containers close to the sea in Dirty Docks
  • Beast Boy – on the bridge across the river west of the log cabins in Weeping Woods

That’s where you can find all the characters in Fortnite to warn of impending doom. We recommend heading to Dirty Docks to check off this challenge quickly. This is also your last chance to get your hands on the Clark Kent skin and complete Superman challenges for these Season 7 skins.