Where to confront the mole in Fortnite

Everything you need to know about the NPC helping with the alien invasion

The Fortnite mole is inside the satellite station with Steamy Stacks behind it.

Want to know who the mole is in Fortnite? The final part of this week’s legendary challenges asks us to confront the Fortnite NPC, who has been cooperating with the aliens since the start of Chapter 2 Season 7. With the trap now in place, we just need to do a little bit of damage control and hold out until the start of the end-of-season event: Operation: Sky Fire.

This week, our last set of legendary challenges ask us to warn characters of impending doom, head to specific locations on the map to place warning signs, turn off the radar dishes in the IO satellite stations, and spoil the mole’s sabotage attempt. But, of course, once you’ve done all of that, you’ll find out the mole’s secret identity.

Once you know who the Fortnite mole is, you need to go and find them. Here’s the location of where you can confront this NPC, and what to do when you encounter them. Please note that there will be spoilers about the identity of the Fortnite mole from this point forward.

Fortnite mole location

You can find the mole in the IO satellite station between Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks. You’ll find the NPC walking around the top floor of the main building in the base. The mole is Maven, so confront her by talking to her.

The location of the Fortnite mole is the satellite station between Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks. This map shows the location.

Talking to her will complete the challenge, but she will force you into a duel. She is equipped with an SMG and has the standard NPC health of 100 shield and 100 health.

That is how you confront the mole in Fortnite. After completing this week’s challenge, all you can do now is wait for Operation: Sky Fire to begin. That said, if you still need Fortnite Kymera styles, you can get more Fortnite alien artifacts by searching for them on the map or by opening Fortnite cosmic chests. There isn’t long to wait until the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 release date rolls around.