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Fortnite weapon will turn you into a build-wrecking Guitar Hero

A new Fortnite weapon is coming to the battle royale game from Epic in chapter 4 season 1, and it'll turn you into a Guitar Hero if you can match the beat

Fortnite weapon will turn you into a build-wrecking Guitar Hero. This image shows a rocker in front of a Fortnite background.

The new Fortnite weapons for chapter 4 season 1 of the battle royale game from Epic are all pretty cool so far. We’ve got guns that shoot swords and hammers perfect for acrobats, but the one thing we don’t have is a guitar that has a mini-game about rhythm, and can trash a structure in seconds. Wait, what’s that? Turns out a Guitar Hero style Fortnite gun could be coming soon.

Fortnite is a game that’s becoming increasingly outlandish and absurd with how its weapons work. Last season we saw the mighty Kamehameha brought in as part of the Dragon Ball crossover event, and it looks as though the upcoming Fortnite My Hero Academia crossover could have its own unique weapon, too. According to a leak from HypeX, we’re also going to be getting something called the “Power Guitar.”

HypeX states that the new Power Guitar is a variation on the Boombox item, and can do 75 damage a hit to builds in your immediate area, but does not do damage to players. The Power Guitar’s damage is only maximised, however, if you match the correct tempo, which will be displayed on the bottom like a Guitar Hero or Rock Band rhythm game of sorts.

The design of the guitar has clear sugar skull vibes, so we’re not sure if this is some kind of Coco crossover that’s been unannounced, or if it’s just a design the developers over at Epic Games really like. Either way, while there’s no speculative date on this leak, we’d imagine it’ll be this chapter at the very least, and possibly during Fortnite chapter 4 season 1. Of course, it’s also possible we’ll see this released around Cinco De Mayo next year, too.

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