How to place Fortnite weapon schematics in Synapse Station

Learn how to find a disguise kit and the easiest place to drop the weapon schematics in Synapse Station to complete the Fortnite Resistance challenge

Fortnite weapon schematics Synapse Station: a hologram of a piece of A3 paper on the floor in a building.

Want to know how to place Weapons Schematics in Synapse Station? The popular battle royale game has seen an all-out war between the Seven and the Imagined Order in previous weeks. In an effort to fight back against the invading IO forces, players can complete Resistance challenges, which in the past included recovering missing Fortnite battle bus plans and teaching Peely how to drive.

As for this week’s Resistance challenges, placing the Fortnite weapon schematics in Synapse Station is the last of the tasks you need to complete. Before that, you need to destroy road barriers with any vehicle with a Cow Catcher attached or a battle bus, hit different targets with a sniper rifle, then destroy structures above a Fortnite data receiver and collect any data that drops.

To complete this challenge, once you activate the uplink, you need to activate your disguise kit before heading to specific spots in Synapse Station to place the weapon schematics and complete the challenge. Below, you’ll find all of the schematics locations and details on how to activate the disguise kit.

Fortnite weapon schematics location

It’s easy to find the disguise kit next to the uplink when you start this challenge. However, there are multiple locations where you can drop off the schematics. The easiest way to complete this challenge is to head for the eastern entrance of the main building in Synapse Station. After going inside, run around the corner to the right, and on the floor, you’ll find the exact location to drop off these plans.

After you place the weapon schematic in Synapse Station, you will complete the last of this week’s Resistance challenges. All that’s left is to wrap up any season challenges you may not have completed just yet. We have details on where you can find the Fortnite tank locations for you to unleash destructive salvos on your enemies and the latest Fortnite Omni Chip locations for the current week.

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