Fortnite Data Receiver: how to destroy structures, collect data

Complete this week’s Resistance challenges by destroying the structures above the data receivers at these specific locations in Fortnite

A data receiver pointing towards the sky in Fortnite Chapter3 Season 2

Trying to collect the information from Fortnite data receivers? Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has launched a war between the Imagined Order (IO) and The Seven. The new Fortnite map highlights the territories owned by each faction, including which landmarks are currently serving as battlegrounds. Don’t be surprised if your favourite landmark ends up becoming a warzone over the next few weeks.

The Fortnite battle bus plans have come to fruition, and this week’s Resistance challenges task you to drive these newly upgraded buses into road barriers to destroy them, and place the Fortnite weapon schematics in Synapse Station. The challenge we’re focusing on requires you to destroy structures above a Fortnite data receiver before collecting its data. You only need to collect the information from two data receivers to complete the challenge.

Don’t forget, in order to take on this challenge you need to finish the rest of the Resistance challenges beforehand. If you’re looking to level up your battle pass, we also have a Fortnite Omni Chip locations guide which is updated each week – collect all the Omni Chips to unlock the Omni Sword harvesting tool. Here’s what you need to collect the information from data receivers in Fortnite.

Fortnite data receiver locations

Here are all of the data receiver locations in Fortnite:

Fortnite Data Receiver: a copy of the Fortnite map with pins highlighting where the data receivers are

Camp Cuddle

  • Inside the building with a pink roof north of Camp Cuddle
  • Head to the woods towards the east side of Camp Cuddle
  • In the wooden structure right in the centre of Camp Cuddle

The Joneses

  • Underneath the wooden structure to the north of The Joneses
  • On the ground floor of the red wooden structure in the middle of The Joneses
  • Head to the south of The Joneses to find another red wooden structure

All you need to do is destroy the structures above the data receivers so information can be broadcast to the satellites in the sky. Once the data receivers have established a connection, you can go up to the device and collect the data.

And that’s how you collect the information from data receivers in Fortnite. The traditional building mode in Fortnite is back, but you can stick to the non-building mode now that it’s been added as a permanent mode. Learn more about the Fortnite tactical slide and the rest of the parkour mechanics by checking out our guide. We also have a Fortnite tank locations guide if you’re looking for a heavy duty vehicle to destroy your opponents with.