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Metal Gear Solid meets Pirates of the Caribbean in Frigato

Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean is a new stealth tactics strategy game that's basically Commandos or Metal Gear Solid meets Pirates of the Caribbean

A mermaid in a bath boss? It's Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean

A new stealth game has been announced that’s basically Metal Gear Solid and Commandos meets Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirate game Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’ll be playable next month during Steam Next Fest.

Frigato is a stealth tactical strategy game that looks like it’s basically Commandos or Desperados III but with pirates, although there are clearly elements of Metal Gear Solid in there too – there’s a moment in the trailer (below) where the player sneaks around inside a barrel that’s very reminiscent of Solid Snake’s famous box move.

The game will require players to take control of a small crew of buccaneers and sneak across ships, harbours, mystical islands, and “many other iconic locations”. As usual, the British are the villains, although there are various monsters and mythical creatures too – the trailer reveals a mermaid in a bath, which seems to be some sort of boss character. While it doesn’t seem like players will be able to steer their own ship, the Steam page promises some RPG game-like elements, such as being able to choose what type of captain you want to be – more bloodthirsty, more gentlemanly, et cetera.

You can check out the trailer below, and the game itself will have a playable demo during Steam Next Fest starting June 13.

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It’s certainly a good year to be a pirate, as we’ve got a new Monkey Island game coming, there’s a lot to come in Sea of Thieves, and Skull & Bones exists, maybe – but that’s only a tall tale for now.