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This gaming PC mod blasts heat out of a custom exhaust pipe

A creative gaming PC mod adds a 3D printed exhaust vent to the back on a conventional rig, and it seeming helps expel hot air in tight places

Gaming PC mod with exhaust fan on rear of case

A creative mind on Reddit has crafted a gaming PC mod designed to expel heat and dust from a PC case, and it involves using a custom chonky exhaust pipe. The creator in question says the part helps circulate air around graphics cards and PCIe slots, but its angled design also means you can sit your tower up against a wall.

Created by Reddit user Charlie, the gaming PC mod features a 3D printed exhaust shaft that screws onto the back of case grills. The simple, but seemingly effective, vent helps heat leave your rig at an angle, something that’ll come in handy if you’ve not got a lot of space at your gaming desk. The design also blocks dust from making its way back into your system, and internal blades help cycle air back to graphics cards.

Gaming PC mod with exhaust fan on rear of case facing wall

The exhaust vent is available to download for free on Thingiverse, so you’ll be able to add it to your own gaming PC if you’ve got a 3D printer at home. The part screws onto an ordinary ATX tower in a similar way to a case, so you don’t need any fancy skills to soup up your cooling situation.

Creative cooling methods might not look as cool as projects like this custom Doom BFG rig, but they can certainly help keep temperatures ice cold. A modder recently managed to reduce Corsair gaming PC case temps by 10 degrees by cutting some hexagon-shaped holes, and you can apparently bring gaming CPU temperature down by mixing diamonds into your thermal paste.

Naturally, we’d advise against trying that latter project yourself, as it’s both risky and expensive. Nevertheless, PC modders are coming up with more creative cooling methods by the second, and we’re totally here for it.