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Genshin Impact’s Aloy does exist, but still can’t be upgraded

Genshin Impact's Aloy birthday letter has confirmed that she still lives somewhere out in the anime game's world, but players still can't fully upgrade her.

Genshin Impact's Aloy exists in the world, but still can't be upgraded: anime girl with orange hair and yellow eyes

The Genshin Impact birthday note for Aloy confirms that she’s still out in Teyvat doing her own thing, even though we never get to see her in any capacity. She was added to the anime game after a one-time collaboration with Horizon Zero Dawn way back in September 2021 for the version 2.1 update. Since then, players haven’t been able to collect any Constellations for the character to upgrade her abilities.

To obtain Constellations for a character, you need to get duplicates of the character, which is usually done by pulling on banners multiple times. Aloy was a gift given through the collab, so there hasn’t been a way for anyone to obtain multiple copies of her to reach C6 – the maximum amount of Constellations for each character.

It’s easy for us to forget about her, especially since she’s never mentioned or seen anywhere in the game. But today, on her birthday, she sent a letter to players saying that she’s joined the Adventurers’ Guild, and is currently taking on commissions just as other main characters in the game do.

“I was only given a few trivial tasks at first, but after seeing me disassemble three Ruin Guards right before their eyes, they seemed to have recognized my skills,” Aloy said.

Genshin Impact's Aloy does exist, but still can't be upgraded: letter written by Aloy in an in-game mailbox

I’m sure players would love to interact with her in some capacity to see this progress, but that would likely require voice work and other collaborative hoops that HoYoverse may not want to jump through.

At the very least, it would be nice to have a way to fully upgrade her because, as it stands, there’s no way of seeing her full potential. In place of her Constellation text, we get a message saying “The time has not yet come for this person’s corner of the night sky to light up.”

This implies that she may get those upgrades in the future, but until then, you can pull for other Cryo characters – Ayaka and Shenhe – in the Genshin Impact version 3.5 second-half banners.