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The best Genshin Impact Baizhu build and team comp

The best Genshin Impact Baizhu build and team composition for the five-star Dendro, Catalyst character in the Genshin Impact 3.6 update.

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Want the best Genshin Impact Baizhu build and team comp? If you’re hoping to land Baizhu in the 3.6 update, here are the best characters to pair with the Dendro Catalyst user, as well as which weapon and artifacts to choose.

Baizhu is a five-star character arriving on the next Genshin Impact banner. The following build and team comp are based on the information revealed in the Genshin Impact 3.6 livestream. Be sure to refer back to our Baizhu’s abilities guide to remind yourself what this Dendro healer is capable of.

The best Genshin Impact Baizhu healer build

  • Weapon: Jadefall’s Splendor
  • Artifacts: Ocean-Hued Clam (four-piece)

Baizhu’s signature weapon, Jadefall’s Splendor, is a great choice for some five-star characters – for three seconds after using Baizhu’s Burst, he gains the Primordial Jade Regalia effect which restores 4.5 energy every 2.5 seconds, and gains a 0.3% elemental damage bonus for their corresponding elemental type for every 1,000 max health they possess, up to 12%.

There has been controversy around this weapon as it looks like Jadefall’s Splendor may not be the best option for Beizhu. Prototype Amber is a four-star Catalyst that is arguably better for his role as a healer, though we’ll need to test this when Baizhu eventually arrives.

Ocean-Hued Clam is the best artifact choice for Baizhu, it provides a +15% healing bonus for the two-piece set. The four-piece bonus provides the following: When the character equipping this artifact set heals a character in the party, a Sea-Dyed Foam will appear for three seconds, accumulating the amount of HP recovered from healing (including overflow healing). At the end of the duration, the Sea-Dyed Foam explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies based on 90% of the accumulated healing. Worth noting that only one Sea-Dyed Foam can be produced every 3.5 seconds. Each Sea-Dyed Foam can accumulate up to 30,000 HP (including overflow healing). There can be no more than one Sea-Dyed Foam active at any given time. This effect can still be triggered even when the character who is using this artifact set is not on the field.

Ocean-Hued Clam can be obtained from Slumbering Court, the domain of blessing found on Seirai Island in Inazuma.

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The best Genshin Impact Baizhu team comp

For the best Baizhu team comp, we’ve gone for a Hyperbloom team, though it’s still early days to know exactly which characters work best.

  • Baizhu
  • Raiden Shogun
  • Nahida
  • Yelan

There are variations of Hyperbloom you could go for depending on which characters you have, Fischl, Kazhua, and Keqing are another great party option.

That’s all we have for the best Genshin Impact Baizhu build and team comp. Give our Genshin Impact tier list a read to discover where Baizhu ended up among the game’s best characters. We also have a list of the upcoming Genshin Impact events if you need to score some extra primogems now that the latest banners have been revealed.