Genshin Impact’s new Setekh Wenut boss will appear in 3.5 Spiral Abyss

Genshin Impact's Setekh Wenut normal boss will make its Spiral Abyss debut during the anime RPG's version 3.5 update, according to a recent leak.

Genshin Impact's new Setekh Wenut boss will appear in 3.5 Spiral Abyss: anime boy with grey hair holding green weapon

The new Genshin Impact Setekh Wenut boss will show up on floor 12 of the Spiral Abyss in the anime game‘s version 3.5 update, if recent leaks are to be believed. The endgame combat challenge is a regular source of free Primogems if you can manage to earn all 36 stars, so it’s good to know what’s coming in terms of enemy lineups before changes are made for new updates.

The Spiral Abyss is usually tailored toward the current Genshin Impact banners at the time, and Genshin Impact version 3.5 will be introducing Dehya and Mika. If the leaked enemy lineup is correct, both Dehya and Mika should be helpful as party members thanks to their respective elements.

Dehya is a Pyro DPS, while Mika is a Cryo support – perfect counters for the Pyro and Cryo enemies that’ll appear in version 3.5. Setekh Wenut is an Anemo boss, but it’s placed next to several other enemies of various elemental types.

The first half of the first chamber on floor 12 will feature two Abyss Heralds alongside Pyro and Electro Eremites. The second half will have two Hydro Abyss Heralds, along with Cryo, Hydro, and Dendro Eremites.

The first half of the second chamber pits you against the Maguu Kenki boss once again. Meanwhile, the second half has several Shadowy Husks waiting for you.

The first half of the third chamber contains two frost Lawachurls and a Ruin Grader. And finally, Setekh Wenut makes its appearance in the very last room.

Genshin Impact's new Setekh Wenut boss will appear in 3.5 Spiral Abyss: infographic with anime girl and icons

All of these details come from known leak source Pengepul Teyvat, and they were posted by iqrar99 on Reddit.

We’re still only in the first week of Genshin Impact version 3.4, so there’s no use worrying about the 3.5 enemy lineups just yet.  Thankfully, though, there won’t be any Rifthounds present for that update.