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Genshin Impact Clorinde banner and abilities

The Genshin Impact Clorinde banner offers the chance to play as the champion duelist, a five-star Electro character set to be main DPS.

Genshin Impact Clorinde banner release date

When is Genshin Impact Clorinde’s banner release date? The five-star Electro character has officially been announced by Hoyoverse, and it’s likely she’ll release in an upcoming update.

Clorinde is one of the new and upcoming Genshin Impact characters alongside Sigewinne and Sethos, and should appear on the next Genshin Impact banner. She is a champion duelist from Fontaine and wields a pistolet: a pistol and a sword. Thanks to leaks from Honey Hunter World, we’ve taken a closer look at her abilities so you can start planning the best team comps and best Genshin Impact builds for your characters.

Clorinde banner release date

While nothing has been confirmed, Clorinde’s release date is likely June 5, 2024, alongside the release of the Genshin Impact 4.7 update. However, as a five-star character usually releases half-way through an update in the second phase, it’s still unclear in which phase Clorinde will land. Though we’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as we know.

Clorinde abilities

Clorinde abilities

Normal attack – Marechaussee Creed

  • Normal attack: Perform up to five rapid strikes.
  • Charged attack: Consumes a certain amount of stamina to dash forward, slashing and using the pistolet to fire suppressing shots.
  • Plunging attack: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE damage on impact.

Elemental skill – Hunt the Dark

Clorinde uses her pistol to enter the Night Watch state, using both sword and pistol to transform her normal attacks in Wild Hunt attacks. The damage dealt is converted into Electro damage and her elemental skill is transformed into Impale the Night. She performs a lunging attack, dealing Electro damage.

Wild Hunt: When Clorinde’s Bond of Life is equal of greater than 100% of her max HP, she performs a standard pistolet shot. When her Bond of Life is less than 100%, firing the pistolet grants her Bond of Life, with the amount gained based on her max HP. The shots pierce opponents and damage dealt to enemies in their path is increased.

Impale the Night: Clear Clorinde’s Bond of Life and enhance the usage of Impale the Night based on the value of the Bond of Life cleared as a percentage of her max HP.

  • When no Bond of Life is cleared, perform a normal lunging strike.
  • When the value of Bond of Life is cleared is less than 100% of her max HP, increase the AoE of the lunging attack and the damage dealt, heal Clorinde, and the amount healed is based on the value of the Bond of Life cleared.
  • Or, when the value of Bond of Life is equal or greater than max HP, use Impale the Night: Pact, in which AoE and damage dealt by the lunge is increased even further, and healing multiplier is increased.

Arkhe Ousia: Sometimes Clorinde’s pistolet shots strike enemies, a surging blade will fall on their position dealing Ousia-aligned Electro damage.

Elemental burst – Last Lightfall

Clorinde grants her a Bond of Life based on her own max HP before evading and striking with her pistolet, dealing AoE Electro damage.

Genshin Impact Clorinde passive abilities

Clorinde passive talents

  • Night Watch’s Yield: Displays the location of nearby resources unique to Fontaine on the mini-map.
  • Dark-Shattering Flame: After a nearby part member triggers an Electro-related reaction against an enemy, Electro damage dealt by normal attacks and the elemental burst increases by 17% of Clorinde’s attack for 15 seconds. Max three buff stacks. The maximum damage increase achiebable through attacks in 1530.
  • Lawful Remuneration: If Clorinde’s Bond of Life is equal to or greater than 100% of her max HP, her critical rate increases by 10% for 15 seconds whenever her Bond of Life value increases or decreases. Max two stacks. Additionally, the Night Watch state is buffed: while it is active, the percent of healing converted to Bond of Life increases to 100%.

Clorinde pistol shot

Clorinde constellations

  • From This Day, I Pass the Candle’s Shadow-Veil: While Night Watch is active, when Electro damage from normal attacks hit enemies, they trigger two coordinated attacks from a Nightwatch Shade summoned near the enemy, each dealing 30% of Clordine’s attack as Electro damage.
  • Now, As We Face the Perils of the Long Night: The passive talent, Dark-Shattering Flame, is buffed: after a nearby party member triggers an Electro reaction against an enemy, Electro damage dealt by normal attacks and the elemental burst increases by 24% of Clorinde’s attack for 15 seconds. Max three buffs for each stack. When you have three stacks, Clorinde’s interruption resistance is increased. The maximum damage increase achievable is 2160.
  • I Pledge to Remember the Oath of Daylight: Increases the level of Hunt the Dark by three. Maximum upgrade is 15.
  • To Enshrine Tears, Life, and Love: When Last Lightfall deals damage to enemies, damage dealt increases based on Clorinde’s Bond of Life percentage. Every 1% of her current Bond of Life increases Last Lightfall damage by 2%. The maximum Last Lightfall damage increase is 200%.
  • Holding Dawn’s Coming as My Votive: Increases the level of Last Lightfall by three. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • And So Shall I never Despair: For 12 seconds Hunt the Dark is used, Clorinde’s critical rate increases by 10% and her critical damage by 70%. While Night Watch is active, a Glimbright Shade appears under specific circumstances decreasing damage dealt to Clorinde by 80% for one second and increases her interruption resistance, also attacking enemies deals 200% of Clorinde’s attack as Electro damage. The Glimbright Shade appears when Clorinde is about to be attacked or when she uses Impale the Night: Pact.

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