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Genshin Impact’s hardest boss gets beaten by an AFK Dehya

Genshin Impact's deadliest boss, Azhdaha, is known for defeating the most players, but he's still no match for this Dehya who isn't even trying.

Genshin Impact's hardest boss gets beat by an AFK Dehya: anime girl with brown hair and blue eyes in the desert

This Genshin Impact player managed to defeat Azhdaha – the toughest boss in the game – with Dehya while AFK the entire time. HoYoverse released community stats last year for the anime game‘s second anniversary, and Azhdaha was named as the boss who had killed the most players. To defeat him as Dehya without moving a muscle is impressive, to say the least.

With the release of Genshin Impact version 3.5, you may have heard that Dehya is a sort of purposeless character with many flaws because, essentially, she plays like a tank in a game that has little need for one. But tanking is one thing she can do well, so she’s nearly unkillable with the right build.

In order to beat Azhdaha while AFK, a Chinese player gave Dehya the Ocean-Hued Clam artifact set and The Bell claymore – a weapon regarded as useless in the community until now. It raises the user’s HP stat, but no claymore user needed this HP increase until Dehya showed up.

The Bell also generates a shield whenever the wielder takes damage, offering even more protection. The Ocean-Hued Clam artifact set deals damage whenever a character heals, and Dehya heals herself at low health.

So, even while AFK, this cycle of taking and dealing damage continued for about 45 minutes until Azhdaha finally died of slow HP loss and possibly boredom. Dehya does die once, but Barbara’s C6 revives her, continuing the eternal cycle. You can check out the full, sped-up video below.

Dehya and Cyno are both on the current Genshin Impact banners, so you can pull for the new Pyro five-star if you want to try this out for yourself.