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Genshin Impact Dendro – all the plant-type synergies

Dendro, the seventh and final element in Genshin Impact is almost here. Find out how this element works, along with what elements synergise with it

Genshin Impact Dendro: The Traveler summoning a Dendro energy blob in Sumeru

Excited to learn more about Dendro in Genshin Impact? The Genshin Impact 3.0 update will feature the most amount of content the anime game has seen in a single patch. Fans had their first glimpse of Sumeru at the end of the 2.8 livestream, the latest region coming to Genshin Impact later this year. Sumeru is home to the Dendro element, Teyvat’s seventh and final element.

Though Genshin Impact Dendro has been referenced numerous times in the story, its existence has been largely glossed over. As we draw closer to the next update, the Genshin Impact Twitter account has revealed Collei and Tighnari, the first two playable Dendro characters. We may even get a glimpse of the Dendro Archon, Kusanali, when players have full access to the Sumeru region. Here’s everything you need to know about the Dendro element in Genshin Impact.

What is Genshin Impact Dendro?

Dendro, which comes from the Greek déndron meaning tree, represents nature. Players can already experiment with Dendro in Genshin Impact by interacting with Pyro characters. Using Genshin Impact elemental reactions, grass is a Dendro object which can be set alight using Pyro attacks. This causes the Burning AoE reaction, dealing 2.5x Pyro damage to all enemies in the burning region.

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There’s a vast number of Dendro Slimes and Dendro Samachurls dotted around the map. These enemies can deal poison damage over time, summon vines to protect the area, and create a Dendro healing field on the ground. Though this doesn’t tell us precisely what the Dendro Archon is capable of, they may use components from these attacks to form their abilities.

Dendro elemental reactions

In a recent Sumeru preview video, the devs revealed two previously unseen Dendro elemental reactions coming to the game: Bloom and Catalyze. Inspired by nature itself, combining Hydro with Dendro gives you the Bloom effect. Enemies affected by Bloom explode after a short time, dealing large amounts of damage. You can speed this reaction up by damaging the afflicted enemies with Pyro to create a larger explosion. On a similar note, attacking enemies with Bloom using Electro creates a Dendro-packed homing missile at the nearest enemy.

Dendro Reaction Chart based on the 3.0 Beta Test from Genshin_Impact_Leaks

Catalyze acts as a damage bonus depending on which element last hit the enemy, either Dendro or Electro. For example, if you attack an enemy using Dendro and it triggers the Intensified state on the target, your Electro attacks receive a damage multiplier buff for the next seven seconds.

Dendro resonance bonus

The latest datamined information from Ubatcha has revealed the resonance bonus Dendro characters receive when paired together. The bonus requiring two Dendro characters looks incredibly useful, awarding all party members with elemental mastery after triggering Burning, Quicken, or Overgrow. With the right combination of characters, this resonance bonus has the potential to spice up the Genshin Impact tier list.

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And there you have it, everything you need to know about the Dendro element in Genshin Impact. We fully expect to see a range of new Genshin Impact characters in future updates, bolstering the cast of Dendro characters as more of Sumeru opens up. In the meantime, check out our Genshin Impact Heizou banner guide to learn more about the Anemo Catalyst user.