Genshin Impact accidentally becomes a horror game, and it’s creepy

A bizarre Genshin Impact glitch manages to turn HoYoverse's anime RPG into a horror game when it's used inside The Chasm's underground tunnels.

Genshin Impact accidentally becomes a horror game, and it's creepy: anime girl with brown hair and red eyes posing

The Genshin Impact first-person glitch has the ability to turn the anime game into some kind of odd horror spin-off. When the glitch is used inside the Liyue underground, the vibe completely shifts. Unlock The Chasm to experience something you never get from Genshin Impact. All of a sudden, you’re stumbling around in the dark surrounded by dim lamps and abandoned construction materials inside a giant cave.

For longtime players, the first-person glitch isn’t anything new. It’s been around since the early version of the game. The old method may not work anymore but players will always find a way, especially when they don’t have any Resin to use for actual in-game activities.

The first-person glitch can only be done on PC at the moment, as it requires you to use a mouse and change the key bindings. You’ll also need the Memento Lens item, which can be obtained through the Sacrificial Offering world quest in Inazuma.

Set the memento Lens as your gadget and put the camera on your shortcut wheel. Next, change your key bind for the shortcut wheel to a key other than Tab. Hold down the shortcut wheel key while also holding Left Alt, and at the same time, move your cursor to the Memento Lens.

Click on the lens and let go of both keys simultaneously to enter the camera screen. Once in the camera screen, disconnect then reconnect your internet to enter first-person mode.

The process is a bit long and involved, but Redditor HeavyWeath3r used the glitch inside The Chasm on low brightness to drastically change up their gameplay. You can check out a clip of their walk in The Chasm in this Reddit thread.

Turns out that if you use the first person glitch, put your game’s brightness to the lowest setting and go to the chasm, Genshin studently becomes a horror game. from Genshin_Impact

The limited field of view is what really makes this worth trying. Normally, easy-to-spot enemies announce their presence before a fight and you can figure out where every sound around you is coming from – but not here. Treasure Hoarder encounters feel like genuine surprises and the darkness makes the caverns even harder to navigate than usual, especially when your Lumenstone light source runs out of power.

If you’d rather experience the game normally, be sure to check out the Lantern Rite event that’s currently live in Genshin Impact version 3.4 before it’s gone.