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Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki event guide

Learn everything about the reoccurring Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki event, including how to unlock it and all the trial characters in the latest rerun

Another Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki event will soon be upon us. During the Genshin Impact 3.1 update, travellers all over Teyvat can sign up for the open world game’s third Hyakunin Ikki. Once you’ve met the prerequisites to enter, you can journey across to the nearest island to the west of Inazuma City to find a blue door that acts as a portal to an arena full of formidable monsters.

The Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki event is a survival mode where you select teams to take on waves of enemies within an allotted time. For each one you defeat, you earn points that give you different insignias, depending on how many you’ve accumulated. This is a recurring event, so the monster roster is likely to be different from the previous tournament.

Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki release date

The Genshin Impact Hyakunin event will begin on October 10 at 10am in your time zone. It lasts until October 24 at 4am.

Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki entry requirements

To participate in the tournament, you must be Adventure Rank 30 or above and have completed the Archon Quest ‘Ritou Escape Plan’. For each of the first six days, a new tier will unlock in the Hyakunin Ikki event menu. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to speed up this process.

Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki event: Kazuha is fighting against a bunch of pirates in a Japanese courtyard. A cherry tree is seen in the distance and the entire area is lit by torches.

How to play the Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki event

When you begin the event, you must first choose which tier you wish to participate in. You’ll then split 12 characters from either your collection or allocated rental characters to make six teams of two, and you can choose up to two Garyuu Arts to help them.

To complete the challenge, you must survive the entirety of your allotted time, beating as many monsters up as possible. As you fight through waves of enemies, you can use the Relay skill to switch between teams once every ten seconds. Doing this frequently is essential as the longer a team stays in the fight, the more their combat abilities cease to be effective. Should any one team perish, you will fail the challenge.

Switching teams and defeating opponents will make you accumulate Ferocious Fevor levels because you are gaining stacks of Fevor. Increasing your Ferocious Fevor levels results in bonuses for your stats, but these will begin to dissipate if you stop attacking for a short while.

Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki tips

Finally, before we let you get on with the grind, here are some tips to help you succeed in getting the most loot from the Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki event:

  • Before starting each challenge tier, you can see which enemies will spawn. Choose your teams to combat their weaknesses.
  • For each team, have your Support character in the first slot so they can build up their DPS-focused teammate whenever you switch teams.
  • Do not stay on the battlefield as the same team for more than 25 seconds, as this is when the debuffs start kicking in.
  • Since you are constantly swapping between teams of two, it’s best not to focus too much time on healing.
  • You can gain the maximum stat bonuses from Fevor level 4, so just maintain the bar at that level once you reach it.

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Finishing each of the different tiers of the Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki event with a high score will reward you with valuable items: Mora, Mystic Enhancement Orbs, Weapon Ascension materials, talent level ups, and even some valuable primogems. If you’re looking for more primogems, why not glance at our Genshin Impact codes guide to see if there are any you’ve not redeemed yet? Alternatively, his is not the only event this season, as Of Ballads and Brews is happening right now, but only for a limited time.