Genshin Impact Kirara banner release date and abilities

Here’s all the information you need to find out when Kirara’s banner release date is and what abilities she has when Genshin Impact 3.7 launches.

A close up picture of Kirara, the Genshin impact 3.7 character

Want to know about the Genshin Impact Kirara banner release date? Kirara is the only confirmed character coming to the Genshin Impact 3.7 update, but there’s a good chance a second surprise character could be on the horizon.

Kirara is the first cat-girl to appear on the Genshin Impact roster, but most importantly, she’s a four-star sword-wielding Dendro character. Judging by her abilities, Kirara should work well as a support character, providing shields to her fellow party members. That being said, there are a lot of Dendro supports right now, so we’ll have to see where Kirara ends up on our Genshin Impact tier list in the free PC game.

Genshin Impact Kirara banner release date

The Genshin Impact Kirara banner release date will be around May 24 shortly after the Genshin Impact 3.7 release date. As a four-star character, Kirara will appear in both the ‘Tapestry of Golden Flames’ Yoimiya banner and the ‘Everbloom Violet’ Yae Miko banner.

Genshin Impact Kirara abilities

Kirara’s abilities were officially unveiled during the Genshin Impact 3.7 special program, confirming what we expected from the Dendro user. Not only does she fight like a cat and scramble near-effortlessly up walls, making her a very capable explorer, she’s also perfect at prowling up to small animals in the world without startling them.

Normal attack – Boxcutter

  • Normal attack – Performs up to four rapid strikes.
  • Charged attack – Consumes a certain amount of stamina to unleash three rapid claw strikes.
  • Plunging attack – Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE damage upon impact.

Elemental Skill – Meow-teor Kick

  • Press – Kirara jumps into the air and attacks with a flying kick that deals AoE Dendro damage while creating a Shield of Safe Transport. This attack briefly applies Dendro to Kirara, and the shield absorbs Dendro damage with 250% effectiveness. The shield’s damage absorption is based on Kirara’s max health, but only to a certain extent. The remaining damage absorption on a Shield of Safe Transport stacks on a new one when it is created, and its duration will reset.
  • Hold – Kirara activates a Shield of Safe Transport identical to the one that can be created by pressing the skill. This ability sees Kirara transform into a special express delivery box, entering the Urgent Neko Parcel state in order to move and fight more swiftly.

A dendro core in the middle of the battlefield

Urgent Neko Parcel state

  • Deals Dendro damage to opponents she crashes into. This effect can be triggered once on each opponent every 0.5s.
  • When in this state, Kirara’s movement speed, climbing speed, and jumping power are all increased, and her stamina consumption from climbing is increased.
  • When the duration ends or the skill is used again, a Flipclaw Strike more powerful than the attack in the Press Mode will be unleashed, dealing AoE Dendro damage.
  • The Urgent Neko Parcel state lasts a maximum of ten seconds. When the state ends, the skill enters the cool-down state. The longer Kirara spends in this state, the longer the cool-down will be.
    Sprinting or actively cancelling climbing will end this state early.

Elemental Burst: Surprise Dispatch

Smash opponents with a Special Delivery Package used for punishing parcel thieves, dealing AoE Dendro damage. After the Special Delivery Package explodes, it splits up into many kitty-shaped Dendro Bombs that explode either upon contact with opponents or after a period of time, dealing AoE Dendro damage.

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Kirara passive talents

  • Cat’s Creeping Carriage: As long as Kirara is in the party, animals who produce Fowl, Raw Meat, or Chilled Meat will not be startled when party members approach them.
  • Bewitching, Betwitching Tails: When Kirara is in the Urgent Neko Parcel state, each impact against an opponent grants her a stack of Reinforced Packaging. This effect can be triggered once for each opponent hit every 0.5s for a max of three stacks. When the Urgent Neko Parcel state ends, each stack of Reinforced Packaging creates one Shield of Safe Transport for Kirara. The shields that are created this way have 20% of the DMG absorption that the Shield of Safe Transport produced by Meow-teor Kick would have. If Kirara is already protected by a Shield of Safe Transport created by Meow-teor Kick, its damage absorption stacks with these shields and its duration resets.
  • Pupillary Variance: Every 1,000 max health Kirara possesses will increase the damage dealt by Meow-teor Kick by 0.4%, and the damage dealt by Secret Art: Surprise Dispatch by 0.3%.

Kirara constellations

  • Material Circulation: Every 8,000 max health Kirara possesses will cause her to create one extra Cat Grass Cardamom when she uses Secret Art: Surprise Dispatch. A maximum of four extra can be created this way.
  • Perfectly Packaged: When Kirara is in the Urgent Neko Parcel state of Meow-teor Kick, she will grant other party members she crashes into Critical Transport Shields. The damage absorption of Critical Transport Shield is 40% of the maximum absorption Meow-teor Kick’s normal Shields of Safe Transport are capable of, and will absorb Dendro damage with 250% effectiveness. Critical Transport Shields last 12 seconds and can be triggered once on each character every ten seconds.
  • Universal Recognition: Increases the Level of Meow-teor Kick by three. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Steed of Skanda: After active characters protected by Shields of Safe Transport or Critical Transport Shields hit opponents with normal, charged, or plunging attacks, Kirara will perform a coordinated attack with them using Small Cat Grass Cardamoms, dealing 200% of her attack as Dendro damage. Damage dealt this way is considered Elemental Burst damage. This effect can be triggered once every four seconds.
  • A Thousand Miles in a Day: Increases the Level of Secret Art: Surprise Dispatch by three. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Countless Sights to See: All nearby party members will gain 12% elemental damage bonuses within 15s after Kirara uses her Elemental Skill or Burst.

That’s everything you need to know about the Genshin Impact Kirara banner and her abilities. If you want to know more about the big update coming later this year, check out our Genshin Impact 4.0 release date guide. Want to try something new? Here’s a list of the best PC games to get stuck into.