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Genshin Impact leak reveals friend list limit increase for 3.0 update

A new Genshin Impact leak has shown us that HoYoverse is raising the RPG's friend list cap, allowing players to add more co-op partners as they explore Teyvat

Genshin Impact leak raises friend list cap: Kazuha and Ayaka stand on a beach under the evening sky

Those of you who have found plenty of co-op partners in Teyvat may be happy with a new Genshin Impact leak. It seems a friend list limit increase is coming to the RPG in its next big update. If this recent leak is to be believed,  the friend list limit will be going from 45 friends to 60. So, you popular players out there will no longer need to turn down every friend request you receive, or remove old, inactive friends to make space for new ones — at least, for a little while until you max it out again.

Twitter user and Genshin Impact leaker Yukizero tweeted an image of two screenshots cut together — one of the old in-game friends list, and another of what appears to be coming in Genshin Impact version 3.0. The newer screenshot likely comes from the closed beta, where some have been exploring the new Sumeru region a bit earlier than everyone else.

This friends list cap increase may not affect those who only use random matchmaking to get through Domains and boss fights. That being said, it’s quite useful for those, like myself, who have switched platforms and play with several friends across the mobile, console, and PC versions of the game.

Players who meet up in Discord servers should also find this to be a beneficial update, as the official server alone contains 1,000,000 members. If you’re active when it comes to co-op, that friends list will reach the cap quickly.

This change is coming just in time for the version 3.0 update, making it even more attractive brand-new players alongside others who will be returning to the game to check out the Sumeru character banners, gameplay adjustments, and other new content, story, and events. Here’s hoping that an artifact inventory cap increase is on its way as well.