Genshin Impact actor and YouTuber LilyPichu puts paycheck into Wishes

YouTube star LilyPichu revealed that once she got into Genshin Impact, there was almost no turning back, as she ended up falling down the gacha rabbit hole

twitch streamer lilipichu wiping forehead with a tissue

It turns out that LilyPichu – a  content creator, Twitch streamer turned YouTuber, and artist – is just like the rest of us when it comes to Genshin Impact. We all want characters that we don’t have, and, sometimes, we may spend a bit of money on the Wish gacha system to raise our chances of expanding our roster. Well, LilyPichu revealed that she went the extra mile and ended up spending all of the voice acting money she made from voicing Sayu in the game.

On a recent episode of the entertaining Trash Taste Podcast, hosted by YouTubers Garnt (Gigguk), Joey (TheAnimeMan), and Connor (CDawgVA), LilyPichu went into detail about her in-game spending habits. At around the one-hour mark in the episode, she says that she didn’t play the game before getting cast as Sayu, but that changed very quickly.

“I went down this Genshin rabbit hole,” she said. “I was spending money for five-star characters. I was watching Genshin MMDs on YouTube. Like, it was bad…I’ve played lots of gacha games and I stopped because I have a problem.”

When Connor asks how much she’s ever spent on a gacha game, LilyPichu replies by saying, “Let’s just say I spent more than what they paid me to voice… I basically paid back the money that they paid me.”

The conversation is lighthearted, but that’s still a surprising revelation that brings out laughs from the co-hosts. It’s also a reminder that pulling for every single new character that gets added to the game might not be the best idea depending on your financial situation.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t read about them. We’ve covered everything from Sumeru leaks to potential upcoming banners that could be coming to the game in version 3.0 if you’re interested in learning more.