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Genshin Impact before and after shows just how beautiful it’s become

Genshin Impact 4.0 is finally here, but some fans are looking back to appreciate just how much HoYoverse has done with its Teyvat expansions.

Genshin Impact before and after shows just how massive it's become: anime boy in top hat performing magic

The Genshin Impact 4.0 update is now live, meaning it’s time to explore the Hydro nation, Fontaine. But before stepping foot in the new area of the map, some fans have taken the time to look back at the anime game‘s progress over the past two years or so with a number of before and after screenshots. Every major Genshin Impact update changes the landscape of out-of-bounds locations, so looking back brings an incredible perspective on the game’s growth.

The first major update to change the topography of the land and details of the map was Dragonspine in Mondstadt for version 1.2. From there, HoYoverse has added Inazuma in pieces throughout the version 2.0 updates, along with Sumeru and its desert regions in the version 3.0 updates.

A Redditor named Serfo created a thread containing 17 before and after image slides for these Teyvat expansions, all the way up to Genshin Impact 4.0 and its addition of Fontaine to the north of the Sumeru desert. The slides even include smaller changes like the Cat’s Tail Tavern.

Genshin Impact before and after shows just how massive it's become: game scenery before and after images

Fontaine is the furthest region from Mondstadt, excluding Inazuma, so it’s tough for new players to reach it and experience the new update for themselves. You’ll definitely want to know how to unlock the Genshin Impact Fontaine reputation system.

Thankfully, HoYoverse has placed a teleport waypoint in Sumeru right next to Fontaine’s entrance that will automatically unlock after you’ve completed the Mondstadt prologue storyline.

Genshin Impact before and after shows just how beautiful it's become: game scenery before and after chasm

Another one of the most striking before and after comparisons is the one for The Chasm in Liyue in version 2.6, which eventually led to the addition of Sumeru in version 3.0.

There was a ton of speculation in the community about how the Dendro nation would be added, and The Chasm appeared to introduce a new Archon Quest along with a huge underground area.

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Version 4.0 is also starting off with great character banners by offering the ever-popular Yelan alongside the eldest Fontaine siblings, Lyney and Lynette, in the first half of the update. And in the second half, the top-tier Zhongli will be available next to Childe and the youngest Fontaine sibling, Freminet.

If you’re unsure of who to pull for, have a look at our Genshin Impact tier list after you’ve redeemed the new Genshin Impact codes to give you a few extra Primogems.