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Where to find Genshin Impact Starlight Coalescence

If you want to know what the best Genshin Impact Starlight Coalescence to collect are to get at those three luxurious chests, we've got you covered

The player follows a Genshin Impact Starlight Coalescence

Want to know where to find Genshin Impact Starlight Coalescence? These are quest items found on and around the Minacious Isle, within the Golden Apple Archipelago. They’re exclusive to the Summertime Odyssey event series in Genshin Impact 2.8, and can be used to unlock paths around the island, as well as some luxurious chests.

There are 17 Starlight Coalescence in total so far, however you only need eight of them to get the three chests. The rest are spare for now, although Hoyoverse tends to put in extra of these kinds of things so players have plenty of opportunity to acquire what they need.

How to use Genshin Impact Starlight Coalescence

You can place Starlight Coalescence in the device at the top of the tower on Minacious Isle where one of the chests is located. Placing Starlights in this device lights up parts of the constellation on the wall – this unlocks more features around the isle.

Some Starlights require you to follow them around a bit first before you collect them, much like Seelie – you can pick them up once they reach their final destination. Others are used to unlock doors and additional routes as you explore the isle before they join your collection.

Genshin Impact Starlight Coalescence chests

To unlock the chest at the top of the tower on Minacious Isle, you need to submit your first Starlight Coalescence. You reach this chest by following the partially visible starry bridge to the top, which only activates once you’ve submitted three Starlight Coalescence. You’re going to need submit eight Starlight Coalescences in total to unlock the two remaining chests.

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One is located behind the input device. When you open this another Starlight appears, you need to follow it up the tower back to where the first chest was, across the top, where a second light bridge will appear. Follow the Starlight until it stops. Touch it, and you’ll be transported to an empty zone above the island where the chest is located. Just follow the Starlight around until the chest is unlocked.

A top-down map of Minacious Isle, where you find Genshin Impact Starlight Coalescence

All Genshin Impact Starlight Coalescence locations

Starlight Coalescence can be found all over the Minacious Isle in a variety of different places. Since you only need eight to unlock the three chests, we will focus on giving you a breakdown of the eight best Starlight Coalescence locations, for ease of acquisition:

Starlight Coalescence #1: To the north-west of the tower, in a cave at ground level, you will find a constellation on a ruined wall. One of the stars isn’t connected to the others. Walking up and interacting with it releases the Starlight. Simply follow it for a bit to add it to your collection.

Starlight Coalescence #2, #3, and #4: In the same camber as #1, there are four totems – Anemo, Pyro, Hydro, and Cryo. Hit these four totems with appropriate elements to make a portal appear at the top of the chamber.

Once you’ve done that, hit the Anemo totem again to spawn wind currents, which you can use to reach the portal. It teleports you to an empty space above the island where there’s a luxurious chest and three Starlights you can collect all at once.

Now that you’ve acquired four, you can input them into the mechanism to not only unlock the first chest, but also activate the light bridge that leads to the very top of the tower.

Starlight Coalescence #5: Once you’ve unlocked the first chest at the very top of the tower (via the opaque light bridge that loops around the tower), look up to the top of one of the broken pillars – you should see a Starlight ready for collection.

Starlight Coalescence #6: Jump back down to where you were at the top of the tower. Looking down the centre hole, you should be able to see another Starlight atop a piece of ruined tower. Float down to grab it.

Starlight Coalescence #7: In the broken tower, on the floor below where the input mechanism resides, there’s another Astral Puzzle. The constellation on the wall near the input mechanism is the one you’re trying to imitate. Once you’ve completed the puzzle, follow the Starlight until it stops and you can add it to your collection.

Starlight Coalescence #8: There’s a broken bridge on the west side of the broken tower, there’s a Starlight Coalescence tucked underneath it. You can float down to grab it, although if you fall too far there is a wind current nearby to give you more lift. There’s also an invisible floor around the Starlight to make grabbing it easier.

Now you have enough to unlock the final two chests mentioned above. For a visual breakdown of all the Starlight Coalescence locations, including the ones we’ve not covered, check out this video from YouTuber ZaFrostPet. Note that the order they list Starlight Coalescence locations is not the same as ours:

YouTube Thumbnail

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