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Genshin Impact TCG contest offering 80,000 Primogems

Genshin Impact's newest trading card game contest is offering 80,000 Primogems to participants, with new prizes available every week for a whole month.

This Genshin Impact TCG contest has a 80,000 Primogem prize pool: anime girl with green hair smiling

A new Genshin Impact TCG contest is handing out a total of 80,000 Primogems from a large prize pool during its month-long challenge. If you’re confident in your Genius Invokation TCG skills, be sure to join and get the chance to earn easy Primogems. The anime game‘s contest starts today and runs all the way to May 21, with prizes handed out on a weekly basis.

This event is split into four phases – one for each week – and 20,000 Primogems will be awarded to players who reach a certain number of points during the week.

So, this isn’t a regular tournament-style competition, but instead, it’s a points-based system that rewards several players on a regular basis. It’s the perfect contest for players who want to try a more casual competition for the card game.

100 Primogems will be given to 200 winners per week who have gained 30 points or more. These points are only tallied for the first three matches per day for each player – you can’t play nonstop daily to earn points. You’ll earn three points for each win, one point for each loss, and lose a point for each day that you play less than three matches.

To register, reply to the event challenge post and make sure your UID is linked to your HoYoLAB account. Then, you can start playing matches in the in-game co-op matchmaking mode for the TCG.

This Genshin Impact TCG contest has a 80,000 Primogem prize pool: anime characters playing a card game in an image next to text

If you need a bit of help before jumping in, be sure to check out our guide to the best Genshin Impact TCG decks. If your confidence is already high, you can also try your hand at the upcoming TCG tournament that offers cash prizes to the top winners.

If regular gameplay is more your speed, Genshin Impact version 3.6 is still offering Nahida and Nilou in its first-half character banners to those who want to improve their teams for regular exploration or the Spiral Abyss.