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Genshin Impact The Exile Sprouting and hidden quest guide

Here's how to complete The Exile Sprouting quest in the Genshin Impact 3.1 update and quickly earn some primogems along with other rewards

Genshin Impact The Exile Sprouting quest guide

The Exile Sprouting is available in the 3.1 update, and although players are forced to wait to complete each part of the quest, we’ve included all the upcoming quests below to quickly earn some primogems as well as other rewards.

This guide is part of the new 3.1 update which unlocked a new area; Sumeru’s quests continue in the update and we have a guide on the Genshin Impact Lost in the Sands quest, as well as how to unlock the Altar of Mirages Domain. Here are all the quests in The Exile Sprouting world quest so you can plan ahead, with a visual guide from taka gg below.

Genshin Impact The Exile Sprouting walkthrough

Day 1

To unlock the quest, head to Aaru Village and speak to Sabbah. Perform Dendro attacks on the three flower pots found just next to Sabbah to fertilise the seeds. This grants you 30 primogems, as well as Mora and Hero’s Wit as a reward.

Day 2

Again, speak to Sabbah to perform the three Dendro attacks on the flower pots. To unlock the hidden quest on Day 2, speak to Sabbah again and choose the option “This is a Sumeru Rose that I picked.” Give her the rose and she hands you Zaytun Peach Seeds, Harra Fruit Seeds, and Sumeru Rose Seeds.

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Next, teleport to Aaru Village north waypoint and head southeast until you find Affan. Now go to the marker on the map and here you’ll fight several enemies before clearing out the withering zone. Return to Affan to complete the hidden quest.

Day 3

Visit Affan and he’ll say he has no food to feed you, select “No need” and perform Hydro attacks on the three stone flowers.

Day 4

Again, visit Affan and perform the same Hydro attacks on the three stone flowers to complete Day 4 of the quest.

Day 5

Visit Affan and speak to him, he’ll talk about Uncle Shafaqat, ask who that is. Next, visit Sabbah and speak to her about Affan. Head back to Affan and Sabbah will already be there. To help Affan, break the three stone flowers using blunt attacks, then afterwards perform a Dendro attack.

Day 6

On Day 6, speak to Sabbah (who can now be found in Affan’s location) and perform Dendro attacks on all three of the flowers to complete the quest.

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That’s how to complete all The Exile Sprouting quests, for more on the 3.1 update, here’s the best Genshin Impact Cyno build, the best Genshin Impact Candace build, and where they fit on our Genshin Impact tier list of the best and worst characters.