Help Tighnari clear the Withering Zone in Genshin Impact

Dendro-user Tighnari needs help clearing out the Withering Zone in Sumeru, and we’ve found out just how to do it without succumbing to Decay

Genshin Impact Tighnari Withering Zone

Need to know how to help Tighnari clear out the Withering Zone in Genshin Impact? This new quest is part of the Chronic Illness Archon Quest once you get to Sumeru and meet the first Dendro users, Collei and Tighnari. The Dendro element was introduced to the anime game with the Genshin Impact 3.0 update, alongside the new region.

After Collei falls ill during your time in Sumeru, Tighnari asks you to help him collect medicine for her, taking you deep into the region. While you’re there, you find out about the Dreadful Withering. Areas of Sumeru have been overtaken by deadly Withering Branches, which cause you and all of your party members to accumulate Decay. Decay damage can cause you and your team to fall – unless you can clear the area.

How to clear Withering Zones in Genshin Impact

Once you have finished collecting herbs with Tighnari as part of your quest to heal Collei, Amir tasks you with clearing out the Withering Zone. This part of the Sumeru river valley has been contaminated with Withering Branches, growing from the Tumor of the Withering which grows at the heart of the area. Destroy the branches, followed by the tumour, to prevent them growing back.

Destroy Withering Branches with Dendrograna

Withering Branches are quite easy to clear, and most should be cut down with a single hit. However, you can’t just attack with your normal power, and must instead collect Dendrograna.

Dendrograna, as with other Grana, are elemental spirits which follow you and aid you in combat. Due to the powerful nature of the Withering, you must summon Dendrograna from glowing plants nearby. This provides enough of a buff to defeat up to three Withering Branches with a charged or aimed attack.

Genshin Impact Withering Zone: the tutorial page on how to destroy Withered Branches

Accumulating Decay

Each Withering Branch is surrounded by an area of contamination, in which you accumulate Decay. The longer you remain in these areas, the more Decay you amass. If you or any of your party members accumulate too much Decay, every party member will lose some elemental resistance, physical resistance, and Max HP, and may eventually fall. To avoid this, you must keep the amount of time spent in these contaminated areas to a minimum, and destroy branches as quickly as possible. Always ensure you have Dendrograna on your side before attacking any Withering Branches.

Decay accumulation can be seen on a red bar above your HP, so don’t let it get too high. Keep your eyes peeled for Candles of Life and Flames of Life which may appear around you to keep your decay low.

Destroy the Tumor of the Withering

Destroying the Tumor of the Withering is easier than the individual branches, as you simply need to interact with the large central Withering branch. However, this is protected by a high-level Fungi which you must defeat first. Destroy the Tumor, and head back to Gandharva Ville to complete the Archon quest.

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Now you know how to make the Withering Zones safe again, you can continue through the Chronic Illness questline, exploring more of the Sumeru region. As you explore Sumeru, you may come across the Four Leaf Sigil Flower, a new mechanic to Genshin Impact 3.0, as well as the new Electro character, Dori, whose elemental affinity perfectly compliments Dendro users.