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PlayStation trophies are coming to PC with Ghost of Tsushima

The Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will include a new Sony overlay, allowing you to earn PlayStation trophies on PC for the first time.

Ghost of Tsushima PC will include PlayStation trophy support - Jin Sakai from the open-world game.

As someone who plays mostly on PC but still picks up my PlayStation 5 controller from time to time for certain games, I’ve been hopeful that Sony’s drive to bring more of its games to PC at a faster rate following the huge launch success of Helldivers 2 would lead to even more cross-platform functionality. It’s something Microsoft has been doing well, allowing you to earn Xbox achievements while playing on PC through its storefront, and now with the launch of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, we’ll finally be able to earn PlayStation trophies on PC.

The Ghost of Tsushima PC release date is just a month away, and in a new blog from online community specialist Julian Huijbregts of Sony-owned PC port specialists Nixxes Software, we learn about the additional PlayStation-brand functionality we can expect to see when the open-world game arrives in May. Along with cross-play support, Ghost of Tsushima on PC will also include a new PlayStation overlay that allows you to sign in with a Sony account to see your PlayStation profile and friends list, along with the ability to earn trophies while playing on PC.

Ghost of Tsushima will include PlayStation trophy support - A screenshot of the new PS overlay and trophy layout.

The cross-play support is used for the online co-op game mode Legends. “Thanks to cross-play support, Legends players on Windows PCs can team up with players on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles and use in-game voice chat to communicate,” Huijbregts explains. You’ll need to sign in via your PlayStation Network account to play Legends mode, as well as to earn trophies, although the game also retains full achievement support on both Steam and the Epic Games store.

There is what might be a bit of bad news for the most ardent trophy-hunters, however. If you sign into the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut PC version using the same account you used for the PlayStation 5 version, it will share the trophies across both – so no doubling up. For most of us, though, that’s probably quite welcome news, meaning you won’t need to re-earn the trophies a second time.

Ghost of Tsushima PC will support PlayStation trophies - A PS profile viewed in the new Sony overlay.

The blog also gives us an update on the Ghost of Tsushima PC system requirements, so make sure your PC is ready to show off this beautiful visual spectacle at its peak. As of yet, there’s no word on whether the PlayStation overlay and ability to earn trophies on PC will be expanded to other Sony games, but that certainly feels like a natural next step if it works well here.

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