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Ghost Recon Breakpoint is getting a whole new single player campaign

Operation Motherland tasks the Ghosts with liberating Auroa territory by territory

A soldier holds a driver at gunpoint at a Russian military checkpoint in Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Operation Motherland.

While we wait for the series to try the battle royale game format in Ghost Recon Frontline, it seems Ubisoft isn’t done with Ghost Recon Breakpoint just yet. A massive new update is on the way that adds a whole new single-player campaign that spans the entire island of Auroa.

Dubbed Operation Motherland, the new conquest mode is about liberating the island territory by territory. CIA agent Karen Bowman, who you may remember as the Ghosts’ handler in Ghost Recon Wildlands, returns to direct an effort to secure Auroa against enemy control by putting Haruhi Ito and her Outcasts in control. To do this, Ghosts will have to complete missions in each of Auroa’s territories, eventually finding and eliminating the lieutenant in charge of that zone.

Each time you complete a mission, the dynamics of that region will change – missions might have you eliminating the source of drone surveillance in the area, or decreasing enemy patrols. Those actions will have real impacts on how the situation on the ground looks as you continue through the area, eventually collecting enough clues to identify and assassinate the local boss.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

To keep things feeling fresh in conquest mode, you’ll be facing the elite Russian Bodark faction that’s appeared several times in the Ghost Recon series. As the video above illustrates, they’re bringing their own trucks and equipment, as well as some new enemy archetypes that will require new tactics to deal with in the field.

You’ll have access to some new gear, too – namely, the Ghosts’ optical camo that renders users nearly invisible to the naked eye. That piece of kit has its own upgrade path, and will be usable in the main story mode as well once you’ve unlocked it in conquest mode.

Operation Motherland arrives November 2