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Here’s your essential Gigabyte PC gaming gear from Computex 2024

We get our hands on all of Gigabyte's latest PC gaming products on show at Computex 2024, including OLED monitors and bejeweled GPUs.

gigabyte computex 00

Gigabyte has pulled out the stops with its showcase of products at Computex 2024 and we’ve got hands on with the lot. Check out our list below of all the products we’ve previewed from one of the world’s leading PC component manufacturers.

Some of the highlights of Gigabyte‘s booth include what we expect to be some of the best gaming monitors you can buy, in the shape of its Aorus OLED panels. You’ve also got the latest Z800 and X800 motherboards for the new AMD and Intel CPUs, as well as the company’s new AI TOP range of components that make it easy for you to build your own reliable AI-training PC.

Aorus gaming monitors

Gigabyte has seven new OLED gaming monitors that it’s bringing to market this year, in the shape of the Aorus FO32U2P, the Aorus FO32U2, Aorus FO27Q3, Aorus FO27Q2, Aorus CO49DQ, MO34WQC, and MO34WQC2. All seven use the latest Samsung QD-OLED gaming panels, the the first two being 32-inch models, the next two being 27-inch displays, then there’s a 49-incher and two 34-inch options.

We had already had the chance to try out the Aorus FO32U2P and MO34WQC at CES earlier this year, so naturally we jumped at the chance to get our hands on the new 49-inch CO49DQ at Computex.

gigabyte computex 07 aorus co49dq

As we’ve generally found with these types of screens, you can’t help but be awed by the sheer size of this screen combined with its stunning image quality.

It may only offer a 144Hz refresh rate, rather than the 240Hz of some rivals, but our time testing with the panel showed once again that the ultrafast response time of OLED helps a lot to make up for any shortfall in refresh rate.

Meanwhile, the stand has a V-shaped foot and offers height adjust, while the back has a simple matte black design. Unlike some 49-inch OLED screens, this display keeps it simple, which is also why it’s priced at just $899.

gigabyte computex 09 aorus co49dq back

Xtreme Prestige motherboards and graphics cards

Xtreme Prestige is Gigabyte’s new ultra luxury brand of graphics cards and motherboards, which currently includes the Z790 Aorus Xtreme X Ice motherboard and Aorus GeForce RTX 4080 Super Xtreme Ice 16G graphics card.

As we reported when we first saw the Xtreme Prestige motherboard leak and the Xtreme Prestige GPU launch, these parts are festooned with all sorts of shiny bits and packed with high-end features. Some of the shininess comes from forged titanium, creating a pearlescent, shimmering effect.

gigabyte aorus geforce rtx 4080 super xtreme ice 03

We had a close look at the Xtreme Prestige pair and found them to be just as impressive in the flesh as you’d hope, given their specs and price. If you’re looking for the ultimate incarnation of an RTX 4080 Super or Z790 motherboard, they’re a solid gold bet (well, gold-plated, in part).

gigabyte aorus z790 xtreme ice 05

Next-gen motherboards

Gigabyte had a host of new motherboards on display at Computex, including its new AI TOP Threadripper board. However, the stylistic highlight – other than the Xtreme Prestige board, of course – was the world’s first white rear-cable motherboard.

gigabyte computex 05 aorus b650e stealth ice front

The B650E AMD CPU motherboard is appropriately called the Aorus Stealth Ice, with almost the entire top surface of the board being covered in a white, pearlescent, and silvery shroud. It covers all the spare PCIe slots, and all round the area where you’d normally expect to find all the cable headers. What’s more, as this board has backside connectors, there are no headers – they’re all on the back.

gigabyte computex 06 aorus b650e stealth ice back

The board supports AMD’s current Ryzen 7000 and 8000 CPUs, along with processors from the upcoming Ryzen 9000 series, and it will be the perfect partner for a white PC build.

Another highlight is the Aorus Tachyon ICE, a new Intel motherboard that has a rare layout with the CPU socket turned 90 degrees. Not only that, but its DIMM slots run horizontally (with a standard case configuration) rather than vertically.

gigabyte computex 04 aorus z790 tachyon ice

What’s more, there are just two DIMM slots. The idea here is that with DDR5 memory being able to clock so high, and its capacity already being very high, two slots are enough and, by reducing the number of them, it’s easier to optimize the board for peak overclocking. So, if you fancy trying your hand at overclocking your new Intel CPU to a ludicrous level, this is the board to get.

Aorus 17X and 16X gaming laptops

Computex gave us another opportunity to get up close with Gigabyte’s latest Aorus 17X (pictured) and 16X gaming laptops that feature Intel’s latest Raptor lake refresh CPUs, such as the Intel Core i9-14900HX, and Nvidia’s latest laptop graphics cards.

gigabyte aorus 17x 01

The Aorus 17X is the leader of the pack with its Intel Core i9-14900HX joined by an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 or RTX 4080 coupled with a stunning 17.3-inch, QHD, 240Hz LCD display. This means it offers an ideal balance of high-speed gaming performance for esports titles but with the sharpness and resolution for a broader range of games and work.

gigabyte aorus 17x 03

Its large 17-inch footprint also means you get a full-size keyboard with a numpad, which is a feature we at least really value. Gigabyte also highlights the Windforce Infinity cooling system in this laptop, which incorporates a vapor chamber, four fans, and cooling fins that are just 0.15mm in width, all in a machine that’s just 2.16cm thick.

As for the Aorus 16X, this also features the 14900HX but can also come with lower-spec CPUs along with a choice of either an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 or an RTX 4060. These both make for ideal choices to pair with the 16.5-inch, 165Hz, QHD LCD screen.

gigabyte aorus 17x 02

Both the Aorus 17X and 16X also come with Gigabyte’s growing suite of AI apps, such as AI Boost, which automatically adjusts system power consumption and fan settings for an easy one-stop-shop overclocking solution.  There’s also AI Generator, which uses the laptop’s GPU to power creative AI graphics generation while AI Power Gear helps optimize your machine’s power consumption.

We’re yet to put the Aorus 17X or Aorus 16X through their paces fully but they’re already for sale, such as via the links below.


The final overarching highlight of Gigabyte’s offerings is its new AI-optimized range of PC components. These have been designed to offer very high-end performance using Threadripper CPUs and multiple graphics cards in one PC. However, instead of using traditional server-grade hardware, these components are based on more affordable consumer and workstation parts but tweaked for extra reliability.

gigabyte computex 03 ai top trx motherboard

There’s just one TRX50 motherboard at the moment but there are three graphics cards, two M.2 SSDs, and a 1500W power supplying the works. In fact, the RTX 4080 Super graphics card it has designed for this range is an absolute stunner. We wish you could buy it as a normal consumer-grade card!

gigabyte computex 01 ai top rtx 4080

The net result of building a system out of these parts should be AI-computing performance that far exceeds the integrated NPUs of upcoming CPUs, such as Intel Lunar Lake, and even that of conventional single-graphics card PCs. However, it’ll be much more affordable than dedicated AI server kit.

gigabyte computex 02 ai top rtx 4080

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