Going Medieval goes medieval on the Steam charts, with over 175k copies sold

It's been a very good first week in Early Access for Foxy Voxel's charming colony management game

As we noticed over the weekend, dark ages colony management game Going Medieval is doing rather well – it hit the top slot in Steam’s weekly top sellers list just days after entering Early Access. Now developer Foxy Voxel and publisher The Irregular Corporation have revealed that their early access city-building game has sold over 175,000 copies during its opening week – not bad for a scrappy little indie game.

Going Medieval has seen a peak of nearly 15,000 concurrent players on Steam, but that’s only part of the story. It’s also available on the Epic Games Store, where customers have been able to use Epic’s sale coupon to pick it up for $10/£10 cheaper.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, Going Medieval is an approachable, middle ages spin on the Rimworld/Dwarf Fortress formula. You’ll start with a few settlers who each has a random assortment of skills. With your initial supplies and equipment, you’ll need to set up shelters, beds, cooking fires, and defences. Gradually, you’ll unlock new structures to build and will eventually be able to construct elaborate fortresses and castles, attracting more and more settlers to your little fief.

Here’s the launch trailer.

YouTube Thumbnail

Foxy Voxel estimates that Going Medieval will be in Early Access for “at least a year,” and there’s a roadmap of planned features available if you’d like to know more about what’s in store.

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