Gotham Knights fast travel locations and how to unlock it

Everything you need to know about how to unlock Gotham Knights fast travel, including the locations of where to scan drones and how to bypass shields

Gotham Knights fast travel: Lucius Fox is standing by a staircase and the maintenance door. He is wearing a trenchcoat, suit, tie, and thick blue glasses.

Want to know how to unlock Gotham Knights fast travel? If there’s one big criticism in the early moments of the latest DC superhero game, it’s that travelling across the map takes forever. So whether you are speeding down the highway on the Batcycle, zipping between rooftops with your grappling hook, or using the first Knighthood skill, which is the best Gotham Knights ability for getting around the city, the harsh reality is that it takes several minutes to get to your destination.

In our experience, it took until Night 6 to unlock Gotham Knights fast travel, which just so happened after beating the second part of the Harley Quinn case file, when a message came through from Lucius Fox. He was one of Batman’s trusted confidants, and he now wishes to meet you on the rooftop of the Foxteca headquarters. As it turns out, he didn’t just want to send his condolences; he also has a glider he wants to give you. Unfortunately, the GCPD has sent drones to interfere with any unauthorised aircraft flying over Gotham City. So you’ll need to hack them before using Fast Travel.

Gotham Knights fast travel: all of the northern Gotham City regions with orange pins.

Gotham Knights fast travel locations

After speaking to Lucius on the roof of Foxteca, head for the pin icon with two black downward arrows and a lock. You need to scan the drones, up to three in each area, to unlock that Fast Travel location. Press and hold the scan button while hovering over the drone to scan it. Some drones have shields disrupting any scan attempts as they fly around, but they will lower them at recharge stations. Wait for them to land before scanning them.

Here are all of the Gotham Knights fast travel locations:

Gotham Knights fast travel: all of the southern Gotham City regions with orange pins.

  • Financial District – Barr Avenue, outside GCN (one unshielded drone)
  • Southside – Manchester Street, west of Cobblepot Steel (one shielded drone)
  • Old Gotham – Grand Avenue, south of Gotham City Cathedral (two drones – one with shields)
  • Tricorner Island – Robert Kane Memorial Bridge (two unshielded drones)
  • West End – Croydon Avenue, southwest of Gotham City Hospital (three drones – two with shields)
  • Bowery – Chester Avenue, southwest of Monarch Theater (three unshielded drones)
  • Gotham Heights – Dyrford Avenue, southeast of Gotham City University (two shielded drones)
  • Bristol – Mercey Avenue, southeast of Saul Erdel Planetarium (three shielded drones)

After you scan all the drones, you will unlock Gotham Knights fast travel. You can now zip across the open world game’s map in seconds. Return to Lucius Fox to give him the good news, and he’ll become a Contact. His missions now become repeatable missions you can complete at any time by crafting new gear for rewards based on your level.

Now that you can fast travel just about anywhere in a matter of seconds, you should have an easier time finding all of the street art murals, landmarks, and Batarangs hidden throughout Gotham. You may wish to know just how long Gotham Knights is? Don’t worry; we’ve factored in the steps needed to unlock fast travel as part of that calculation.