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Gotham Knights gameplay is more RPG, less Batman Arkham

13 minutes of new Gotham Knights gameplay has been revealed by Warner Bros, showcasing RPG style over Batman Arkham - as well as DLC, pre-order, and platforms

Red Hood revealed in new Gotham Knights gameplay

13 minutes of brand new Gotham Knights gameplay reveals our first proper look at Nightwing and Red Hood in action in the anticipated superhero game – as well as details on the first DLC, and a play style that seems more RPG game than Batman Arkham Knight.

Three months after the release date reveal and eight months after the game was last shown off, the latest Gotham Knights trailer reveals a good chunk of both Nightwing and Red Hood gameplay – as well as the UI and various details that make it look more action-RPG than fans may expect.

While the characters move in a quick manner similar to the Batman Arkham games, they also have health bars (and health kits) and special abilities that can be activated – like a neutralising bomb that Red Hood can attach to enemies or Nightwing’s cryo attack. There’s also better gear to pick up and even item crafting – players gather resources by defeating enemies and can head to a workshop in The Belfry base to craft things like new skins and mods.

The full gameplay showcase, narrated by game director Geoff Ellenor, can be seen below. It shows co-op gameplay – which is now confirmed to be just for two players in the campaign – with Nightwing and Red Hood taking out some Anarky-like thugs, the first decent walkthrough of The Belfry with the heroes out of costume, followed by a journey into the Powers Club and the lair of the Court of Owls.

Notable highlights include Red Hood taking on a resurrecting zombie-like Talon gladiator, Nightwing having a Fortnite-like glider, Red Hood seemingly having magic powers (?), multiple alternate costumes, a brief appearance of Robin and Batgirl, and a bit of bonding over Batman.

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Warner Bros separately confirmed to us details of the first Gotham Knights DLC, which comes with the game’s Deluxe Edition – the “Visionary Pack” featuring exclusive gear and cosmetics, as well as suits for all the characters inspired by the Batman Beyond animated series. I personally am geeking out about that, in particular.

The game has received a visual overhaul since it was announced, and will no longer release on PS4 and Xbox One. On PC it will release on Steam and Epic Games Store on October 25. Pre-orders include the 233 Kustom skin for the Batcycle shown at the end of the trailer. We may see more on Gotham Knights at Summer Game Fest next month.

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