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10 GTA 6 weapons and guns we want to see

A selection of the ten GTA 6 weapons and guns we want to see make a return or a debut in the latest Rockstar open world crime adventure.

Three people standing on a neon-lit street, holding potential GTA 6 guns and weapons that we'd love to see.

For this wishlist of the ten GTA 6 weapons and guns we’d like to see, it’s essential to look back at previous games in the series to find out what worked and why. Was it the range of the gun in question, or perhaps it was the low reload time? Some were easy picks, such as the rather explosive RPG, as they’re series staples that, in GTA 6, it would feel odd to be without.

That said, there are some hyper-specific choices based on previous game’s stats and how useful they’d be in a modern open-world game with all the bells and whistles of the latest engines. So, while the GTA 6 release date is quite some time in the future, we thought we’d come up with a wishlist of the ten weapons and guns we’d love to see in Grand Theft Auto 6 based on our favourites from previous instalments in the franchise.

The GTA 6 weapons and guns we’d love to see in the new game are:

  • RPG
  • Axe
  • Uzi/Micro SMG
  • MKII Heavy Revolver
  • Carbine Rifle
  • Combat Grenade Launcher
  • Assault Shotgun
  • Proximity Mines
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Stun Gun

An RPG lying on top of some boxes is one of the GTA 6 weapons and guns we'd love to see.


Of course, the weapon that everyone will want to use eventually in any GTA game is a rocket launcher. The RPG is generally one of the more expensive pieces of gear to use, but its immensely explosive effects are always the most rewarding during any crime spree.

With advancements in rendering technology, it may finally be possible for an open-world game of GTA’s caliber to render damage to walls or perhaps even new access routes to otherwise highly secure buildings. This would make the RPG a noisy option for initiating any heist, but certainly one worth considering.


GTA games have always emphasized the importance of guns over melee weapons, but even so, the best kind of melee weapon swings for lots of damage and can also break down objects. The axe does both of these things really well and, in some games, can be an emergency throwable in case your target is running away.

A green Micro SMG lying on top of a toolbox. It's one of the GTA 6 weapons and guns that should be in the new game.

Uzi/Micro SMG

If you want to blast away enemies up close in a hail of bullets, then the Micro SMG or Uzi, no matter which name it falls under, has the best fire rate in any GTA game. It won’t do much outside of this niche case, but for starting the violent part of a heist, there’s no better statement than unloading half a clip into the ceiling.

MKII Heavy Revolver

Armor-piercing pistols are the perfect weapon to have on you if your enemies decide to get clever. No matter their defenses, be it a full Kevlar suit or the inside of a sturdy vehicle, the MKII Heavy Revolver from GTA 5 can still potentially one-shot almost anyone. It may not have the most amount of ammo compared to other handguns, but if your target is close enough, you don’t need any other weapon to silence your opponent.

A man holding a white Carbine Assault Rifle, which is perhaps one of the most aniticipated GTA 6 weapons and guns that we can think of.

Carbine Rifle

During the story mode of any GTA game in the past decade or more, the Carbine Rifle has been one of the more reliable weapons. Its decent performance makes it an option for close and long-range, with a relatively decent firing rate. In GTA 5, you could modify it to improve its capabilities even further, cementing it as a vital part of any heist. I’d be shocked if the Carbine wasn’t a part of the GTA 6 arsenal.

Combat Grenade Launcher

While escaping from the cops or rival gangs, there’s perhaps no better deterrent than lobbing some grenades at their cars. However, you do run the risk of blowing yourself up if you’re not careful.

This is where the Combat Grenade Launcher from GTA 5 comes in. It flings the explosive ordinance so far away and with far more accurate shots than a chance-in-the-dark fling of a regular grenade. Even though it only fires one grenade at a time, its quick reload speed means that it stands a chance against armored cars.

Looking down the barrel of a shotgun, which is bound to be a GTA 6 weapon and gun you'll be able to use.

Assault Shotgun

While a shotgun in any GTA game is a given, one with many rounds in the chamber and devastating firepower to match is the best of both worlds. You’ll want to spend as little time reloading as possible, and the Assault Shotgun from GTA 5 boasts a joint the quickest reload time, fastest firing rate, and the most amount of rounds total out of all the default shotguns. Combine that with upgrades to extend these further, and you have an immensely deadly weapon that makes short work of people and vehicles.

Proximity Mines

Looking for a safe getaway? Laying these explosives behind you as you flee the crime scene will ensure that those pursuing you will meet a rather explosive end. You can also use this versatile explosive to set up traps for would-be thieves or intercept reinforcements before they even get the chance to detonate.

A zoomed in sniper rifle showing a man in a spacesuit entertaining a crowd. It's the best long-range weapon we can hope for in the GTA 6 guns arsenal.

Sniper Rifle

A skilled sniper is a useful person to have in any GTA mission, and no matter if it’s during the story mode or as part of a heist crew in GTA Online, having someone on the lookout for incoming cops or would-be rivals swooping onto the scene like vultures to a fresh kill, is always advantageous. However, it’s even better if they’re a decent shot with the sniper rifle, allowing those conducting the heist or mission to keep their lives intact.

Stun Gun

Sometimes, your mission relies on you not fatally wounding your assailant. Whenever that’s the case, the stun gun is your best friend as it can bring down a hostile with very little fuss. It can also be handy if you’d rather take a quieter approach in assassinating a target by shocking them first, then stabbing them while they’re on the ground. Either way, it’s a good tool to have on you during a heist when you need to be quiet.

Those are the GTA 6 weapons and guns we’d love to see in the new game. However, if you want to see more theories for one of the most highly anticipated upcoming PC games of all time, we also have the GTA 6 map locations we’d love to visit and which GTA 6 cheats we want to see to help us cause chaos.