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GTA Online’s Casino update caused the biggest player count since launch

It looks like the Diamond Casino and Resort has been a big hitter with players

The newest Grand Theft Auto Online update, the glittering Diamond Casino and Resort, seems to have already proved itself a big hitter with the people of Los Santos. According to The Hollywood Reporter (via users Nibel and Patrick Shanley on Twitter), the update is the biggest launch the game has seen since its own – ever.

The Reporter states that Los Santos’ most recent addition drew the highest number of online players in both a single day and a single week since developer Rockstar released the game in 2013 (the PC release was in 2015). The site says that the studio hadn’t revealed the exact, official number of players, but given that the casino has been much-anticipated, having been promised for about six years, this new record perhaps isn’t too surprising.

The Diamond complex certainly has a lot to offer players. It’s got the casino games, like three card poker, blackjack, roulette, and slot machines, as you’d expect, plus penthouse suites with features such as arcade games, a bar and party area, infinity pool, your own limousine or aircraft, and more.

There are also six new GTA Online story missions to get stuck into with the Enus Paragon R Armoured car up for grabs if you complete all of them as the Leader, plus a load of new cars up for purchase to add to your garage, and more.

If you’re keen to dive into the new DLC, you might find our guides helpful – whether you’re looking to find all the hidden casino cards and earn yourself the GTA High Roller outfit, deciding which new set(s) of wheels to get, or even to find out what the memberships cost, if you’re mulling over which version of the GTA Online casino and resort experience to go for.