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GTA Online’s been a crazy journey - and this fan-made trailer captures it all

A fan-made GTA Online trailer shows off the game in all its high octane glory

a police car chase in GTA V

Since its release in 2013 (2015 for us PC players), Grand Theft Auto Online has had a bunch of hefty updates and new content, which means the experience of diving into today’s Los Santos is wildly different compared to a few years ago. If you’re keen to jump back in after a break or get an idea of exactly what GTA Online looks like as a whole, you’re in luck – a new fan-made trailer captures the game in its entirety perfectly.

Set to ‘Steal from the Rich, Give to Myself” by Simon Viklund (which you might recognise from Payday 2), the trailer by user Infinite_Boredom on Reddit reflects the biggest moments of the game so far.

Opening with a shot of the GTA Casino Heist scope out, the trailer features an up-to-date look at the missions and activities you can get stuck into, the vehicles you can grab (and trash), like the GTA Casino Heist cars, as well as a bunch of the flight-based shenanigans you can get up to in Grand Theft Auto V‘s sister game these days thanks to the 2017 Smuggler’s Run update.

While publisher Rockstar does sometimes unveil the game’s upcoming content through promo videos and mini trailers, there’s no all-encompassing trailer of the game as a whole to see at the moment – or rather, there wasn’t until now. Check out the fan-made GTA Online trailer below.

I made an up to date trailer for GTAO. from r/gtaonline

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