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GTA Online weekly update brings go karts to Race Creator, extra heist rewards

There's the usual round of in-game discounts, sets of wheels to earn, and more with GTA Online's latest weekly update

It’s Thursday, and GTA Online fans know what that means – it’s time for the open-world game’s next batch of weekly updates, discounts, and bumped-up rewards. As ever, fans have been checking out what’s new in this week’s update ahead of Rockstar Games’ official newswire post later ontoday, so let’s see what’s now live.

First up, Tez2 reports that this week brings go karts to GTA Online’s Race Creator – the game’s tool for, surprise surprise, creating races. This lets players put together their own custom races across land, sea, and air types (I think we can safely assume go karts would be best suited to the former), and different modes – so, you can pick standard A-to-B style events, rally races, non-contact options, and so on. There are plenty other modifiers you can tweak, too – Rockstar has a handy guide to using the Race Creator at that link.

Elsewhere this week, there are double $GTA and RP rewards across four modes: original heists (presumably the ones that arrived with the initial Heists update back in 2015), auto shop deliveries, exotic exports, and motor wars. There’s also double RP up for grabs for the Humane Labs last team standing mode.

The latest GTA Online prize ride is the Cypher, which you can nab if you come in the top four spots in car meet races for six days in a row. The GTA Online podium vehicle of the week is the Casco, while the test track wheels are the Futo GTX, ZR350, and Previon.

Sadly for those who enjoyed the in-game Halloween fun and taking to the streets of Los Santos as a random animal, the spooky season-themed content and peyote plants are no longer live. Here’s the latest round of discounts on in-game stuff this week:

Be sure to check out our rundown of all of the new GTA cars in the Los Santos Tuners update if you’re looking for details on the new sets of wheels, and find out how to join the GTA LS Car Meet by heading to that link if you’re looking to take some for a try in the game.