GTA Online weekly update brings back peyote plants, bonus Halloween rewards

The latest GTA Online update has dropped, bringing the return of peyote plants - so you can once again explore Los Santos as an animal

Trevor walking across a field of plants in GTA 5

Another Thursday, another fresh batch of new content for GTA Online. The multiplayer game’s latest weekly update has now dropped and, ahead of Rockstar Games’ official Newswire post, which will arrive later today, fans have been giving us an idea of what’s now live in-game – so, let’s take a look at this week’s offerings.

Tez2 has shared a rundown of what’s hit GTA Online for this week’s update on Twitter, revealing that there are bonus rewards to be had on some of the game’s spooky season-themed modes. The Halloween adversary modes are offering double GTA$ and RP rewards this week, along with the alien survival missions, too. Meanwhile, the Slasher adversary mode is offering triple rewards this week across the Bunker, Diamond, and Missile Base locations.

The latest GTA Online prize ride is the Tailgater S sports sedan, which you can nab if you come in the top two spots in street races for four days on the trot. The GTA Online podium vehicle of the week is the Lurcher hearse, while the test track cars are the Pariah, Vectre, and Comet S2.

Notably, this week’s update also brings back the limited-time, seasonal peyote plant collectibles – items that can be found across San Andreas which your character can eat to (temporarily) turn into a random animal, with the type – either land or sea-based – being decided on where you found a particular plant. If you’re keen to know where the plants are located in-game, the item’s Fandom page has the full list.

There’s the usual smattering of discounts this week, too, which you can check out below, and Tez3 notes that the Halloween-themed free mode events set live last week are still available to dip into.

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