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GTA Online weekly update boosts rewards from extraction mode

GTA Online’s weekly update is here, boosting rewards from the extraction adversary mode and special vehicle work, and speeding up bunker research

GTA Online: A man on a car's mounted gun shoots at a helicopter

Thursday is here once again, and with it comes the GTA Online weekly update. The full notes will be due on the Newswire in a bit courtesy of Rockstar Games, but the details on the best ways to spend your time in Los Santos during this week’s update are available now. It looks like VIP escort missions are the order of the day.

First up is triple the in-game cash and reputation points on the extraction adversary mode, first introduced in 2015’s Executives and Criminals update. One team of players acting as bodyguards must protect a player-controlled VIP as they race to an evacuation point while avoiding the opposing hit squad of players.

There’s also double in-game cash and reputation points to be earned from special vehicle work missions, which see players escorting some of GTA Online’s more unique vehicles to designated safe zones. In addition to these reward boosts, any bunker research undertaken this week will progress at double the usual speed, making it a great time to get some of those weapon and vehicle mods unlocked.

If you’re after a new ride, the GTA Prize Ride for this week is the stylish Turismo Classic sports car, earned for coming top in 7 street races. Alternatively, the GTA Podium Vehicle on offer is the Tailgater S, should you be lucky enough spinning the Diamond Casino’s lucky wheel.

There are also the usual selection of discounts on offer, including 50% off biker and bunker supplies, 30% off vehicle and special cargo warehouses, 30% off the rather pricey rocket-boosted Rocket Voltic car, and a number of other discounts to a range of other cars as well. You can even get yourself a Black Hawk & Little Logo Tee just for logging in.

Check out the full discount list below:

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