GTA Online weekly update greatly boosts freemode events

The GTA Online weekly update awards 4x the cash and reputation points on freemode events, with a decreased events timer for the online crime game

GTA Online weekly update May 12: a man fires a rocket launcher at two helicopters

GTA Online fans will know that Thursdays bring with them the GTA Online weekly update, and, while the official update notes from Rockstar are due later today, we’ve got all the details for you here courtesy of players already jumping in to check out what’s going on in the multiplayer crime game.

This week focuses on the freemode events that occur routinely during regular sessions in the world. Players can earn quadruple the usual in-game cash and reputation points for participating in these events. In addition, they’ll also be popping up far more frequently, as Rockstar has greatly decreased the freemode events timer – meaning they will now occur every nine minutes instead of the usual 20 minute cooldown period.

Cash and reputation rewards are also doubled for the motor wars adversary mode, which is a fast-paced twist on a GTA Online battle royale. Players drop into an ever-shrinking arena filled with armoured vehicles and heavy weaponry, and battle to be the last team standing as the arena walls slowly close in.

Those of you after a new set of wheels this week can net the Bravado Verlierer as the GTA Online Prize Ride by placing top three in street races for three days in a row. If you’re not feeling up to the challenge, or think you have luck on your side, the GTA Online podium car this week is Rockstar’s spin on the iconic Lotus Esprit, the Ocelot Ardent.

There’s a selection of vehicle sales, too, which can be seen below:

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