Grounded update makes it easier to share worlds with friends

Currently in testing, an upcoming Grounded update will allow players to store their shared worlds in the cloud, making them easily accessible any time

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The latest Grounded update makes it easier to share worlds with your friends in the backyard survival game. Now, in addition to the ‘standard worlds’ that have been available since Grounded launched in Game Preview, you can also create ‘shared sorlds’ that are stored in the cloud. These shared worlds, as you might expect, be shared with friends, who will be able to access them whenever they like, even when you’re offline.

Developer Obsidian says you can own up to three shared worlds at a time, and have up to 50 worlds shared with you at any given time. You can also convert your standard worlds into shared worlds, and you can take any shared world that you either own or have had shared with you and save it locally as a standard world.

The idea behind this is to make participating in the same world easier, even when you’re not online at the same time as the friends you’re playing with. To play in a shared world, you’ll host it as a multiplayer game, and only one person can host a particular shared world at a time.

The progress you make in a shared world will carry over to your next session, regardless of who winds up hosting the game.

There are other applications as well though, Obsidian points out. Using this new system, you’ll be able to share copies of your save games with friends, since they’ll be able to download worlds you share with them and convert them to locally stored standard worlds.

You’ll also be able to carry your Grounded progression from Steam to Xbox and vice versa by playing in a shared world that you use on both platforms.

Obsidian says this feature is currently in beta status, and that progress could be lost in resets as the developer addresses bugs that pop up. In other words, the devs say to make sure you keep a local copy on standby if you’ve made a lot of progress and want to keep it.

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