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Hades 2 Chaos Trials explained

Once you’re able to see into the pitch-black stone, Hades 2 Chaos Trials give you the opportunity to accomplish your task in a new way.

What are Hades 2 Chaos Trials? Hades 2 gives players plenty of tools to change the way each run plays out, but if you’re looking to drastically alter your experience, you’re going to want to look for Chaos Trials. These special runs only become available once you’re able to see into the Pitch-Black Stone, so keep that in mind before you seek out an additional challenge.

During each of your runs, it’s important to remember what the best Hades 2 Boons are, so you can ensure Melinoë is well-equipped to take on the enemies in the Underworld. Hades 2 introduces a number of essential combat mechanics that alter the way you approach combat, like the Arcana Cards that give you permanent power-ups before each run.

What are Hades 2 Chaos Trials?

Chaos Trials are special runs in Hades 2 with their own set of rules and loadouts. For example, you might be tasked with a run through the City of Ephyra using the Moonstone Axe and the Lion Fang keepsake. The reward for completing Chaos Trials is Stardust, a high-value resource that is required to bond with Hades 2 familiars and unlock the best Arcana Cards.

How do you unlock more Hades 2 Chaos Trials?

The number of Chaos Trials available depends on how many Hades 2 weapons and aspects you have for each weapon. This requires you to unlock the Hades 2 incantation, Aspects of Night and Darkness. You can purchase this from the Cauldron in the Crossroads for 5x Bronze and 1x Nightshade. Once you have unlocked this aspect, you’re able to purchase weapon aspects from the Silver Pool.

All Hades 2 Chaos Trials

Here’s our list of the Hades 2 Chaos Trials we’ve seen so far:

Trial Name Location Weapon Keepsake Boon
Trial of Origin Ebebus Witch’s Staff Primordial Chaos
Trial of Salt Oceanus Sister Blades Poseidon
Trial of Humility Ebebus Witch’s Staff Apollo
Trial of The Labrys Ebebus Moonstone Axe Lion Fang Hephaestus
Trial of Vengeance Ephyra Aspect of Melinoë Evil Eye Olympus
Trial of Haste Fields of Mourning Aspect of Melinoë Metallic Droplet

And that’s everything you need to know about Hades 2 Chaos Trials. If you’ve got a good ear for voices, you may recognize some actors in our Hades 2 voice cast guide. Since you’ve reached the Chaos Trials, you’re probably close to the end of the roguelike game. In which case, you may want to see our Hades 2 Chronos boss fight guide if you need some help taking down The God of Time.