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Where to get G-Rock in Hades 2

Here you'll find the location on where to find Hades 2 Glassrock, the steps to get there, and what upgrades you can craft using it.

Hades 2 Glassrock: Hephaestus brandishing his hammer while sat on a wheelchair, ready to work on forging weapons.

Where do you find Glassrock in Hades 2? With so many incantations and requirements for new equipment, finding rare resources on any given run can be the difference between progress and a wasted effort. As the items become rarer, the chances of reaching their location become slimmer as you have more obstacles to overcome.

Glassrock, or G-Rock in some menus, is an important item in Hades 2, as it’s one of the two key items you need to make the last of the Hades 2 weapons: the Argent Skull. It won’t be easy to get this material in the roguelike game because you need to defeat two Hades 2 bosses before reaching this valuable resource’s potential location.

Melinoe is standing next to a Hades 2 Glassrock vein in the Mourning Fields.

Hades 2 Glassrock location

You can find Hades 2 Glassrock in mining veins in the Mourning Fields, heading down the underworld path. It looks like a sharp black obsidian-colored shard sticking out of the ground. It’s also important to note that this material doesn’t always spawn on every run.

To reach the Mourning Fields, you must first defeat the Scylla and the Sirens boss fight in Oceanus. You can also make finding this resource slightly easier by performing one of the many Hades 2 incantations beforehand, specifically Reagent Sensing. This item chimes after every encounter to indicate that the Glassrock is nearby, and a tiny sprite will guide you to its location.

By finding one of these rock deposits, you can chisel out three Glassrocks. You can increase this by visiting Chaos and getting the Fixed Discovery or Ordinary Discovery Hades 2 Boons and outlasting the encounter debuffs.

Here’s what you can craft using Glassrock:

  • Argent Skull weapon
  • Sister Blade Artemis weapon aspect
  • Moonstone Axe Thanatos weapon aspect

And that’s how you can get Hades 2 Glassrock. To make getting to this part of the game a little easier, check out our Hades 2 builds to see which Hades 2 Keepsakes you should equip before setting forth on a new run. You can also read about the Hades 2 gods and characters you should try to meet along the way.