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Free fan-made Halo Infinite battle royale debuts with three maps

The fan-made Halo Infinite battle royale has now been fully released, with three maps available to try online in the massive game mode.

Halo Infinite battle royale update fan made: a Spartan from Halo with a skull engraved on their helmet visor

If you’re heartbroken that we’re seemingly not ever going to get an official Halo Infinite battle royale mode, I’ve got the next best thing. From the team behind the Halo Infinite Call of Duty Zombies experience, we’ve now been given a 24-player battle royale with AI, loot drops, a shrinking playzone, and more, all for free. Halo’s Forge mode is once again proving it has boundless potential, especially when given to the right people.

Developer The Forge Falcons has built three entirely new, fully explorable maps for you to play in, a five-tier looting system, enemy AI to make sure other Spartans aren’t the only threat, and a shrinking zone just like the rest of the genre. Matches in the Halo Infinite mode are made up of 24 players, all of which have 50% extra shields and two lives, to make sure you don’t die straight away and sit the whole game out.

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The fan-made Halo Infinite battle royale initially dropped with one map last year, but now the full launch offers up plenty to try out. The Halo sandbox and Covenant AI are what really set this FPS game experience apart from the likes of PUBG and Fortnite, though; Elites are running around the map, while Grunts and Brutes can also take you on as another player lines up their sniper shots to your dome.

The Forge Falcons’ own take on Call of Duty Zombies is even in proper Halo Infinite rotation right now if you want to try their other work. Otherwise, this is likely your best bet for a Halo Battle Royale, considering that the unconfirmed official version was apparently canceled.

The Halo Infinite multiplayer is available for free via Steam and the Microsoft PC launcher, but you can also play the new campaign at no extra cost if you’re a Game Pass subscriber. You’ll find all the map and game mode links for the Halo BR in the above YouTube video’s description.

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