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Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai event challenges

Learn how Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai event challenges work, what these challenges are, and some details about swapping out challenges

Want to know how to complete the Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai event challenges? By playing Halo Infinite Fiesta matches against other players, you can earn unique rewards by finishing the challenges with orange tabs next to them in the challenges list. These rewards include the Halo Infinite Yoroi samurai armour, along with a whole bunch of other samurai-themed goodies. You only need to finish one of these weekly Fiesta challenges to increase your rank in the Fracture Tenrai event track.

However, while completing the Fracture Tenrai challenges are relatively simple, as challenges are randomised, there’s no guarantee of getting Fiesta challenges. There’s no shortcut, either, you need to either finish your active challenges or attempt to swap the challenge using one of the Challenge Swap consumable items.

Since the challenges are only available for a limited time, here’s how to get the Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai challenges and rewards. You may also be interested in learning more about the Halo Infinite battle pass rewards since completing Fiesta challenges gives you experience towards unlocking the items there.

Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai event challenges

You must complete Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai challenges by playing matches in the Fracture Tenrai Fiesta playlist when they are available. There isn’t a specific list of challenges to complete, but rather themes of challenges that appear in your active challenges list. After completing a Fracture Tenrai event challenge, you will progress to the next level in the special Fracture Tenrai event battle pass.

Here are some examples of the Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai challenges you can find:

  • Earn assists in Fiesta PvP
  • Stop an enemy killing spree in Fiesta PvP
  • Kill enemy Spartans with a headshot in Fiesta PvP
  • Complete Fiesta PvP matches
  • Kill enemy Spartans in Fiesta PvP
  • Earn double kills in Fiesta
  • Earn a killing spree in Fiesta PvP

Since these challenges are on the same list as the main battle pass challenges, it’s difficult to guarantee a Fracture Tenrai challenge in the first place. If this is the case, you can either finish some standard challenges or replace an active challenge with an upcoming challenge by using the Swap Challenge item you can earn via the battle pass. A word of warning, though: swapping the challenge is not guaranteed to give you a Fiesta challenge.

Some of the Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai event challenge rewards, with the Yoroi armour selected.

Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai event challenge rewards

Here are all of the Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai event challenge rewards:

  • Level 1 – Torii Reflection (backdrop)
  • Level 2 – Challenge Swap consumable
  • Level 3 – XP Boot consumable
  • Level 4 – Samurai (nameplate)
  • Level 5 – Yoroi (armour core)
  • Level 6 – Challenge Swap consumable
  • Level 7 – XP Boot consumable
  • Level 8 – XP Boot consumable
  • Level 9 – Samurai (vehicle emblem)
  • Level 10 – Gatekeeper (left shoulder pad)
  • Level 11 – Challenge Swap consumable
  • Level 12 – XP Boost consumable
  • Level 13 – XP Boost consumable
  • Level 14 – Samurai (armour emblem)
  • Level 15 – Gatekeeper (right shoulder pad)
  • Level 16 – Challenge Swap consumable
  • Level 17 – XP Boost consumable
  • Level 18 – XP Boost consumable
  • Level 19 – Samurai (weapon emblem)
  • Level 20 – Sol Devil (MA40 AR weapon coating)
  • Level 21 – Challenge Swap consumable
  • Level 22 – XP Boost consumable
  • Level 23 – XP Boost consumable
  • Level 24 – Whispered Sky (MK50 Sidekick weapon coating)
  • Level 25 – Yokai (helmet)
  • Level 26 – Challenge Swap consumable
  • Level 27 – XP Boost consumable
  • Level 28 – Whispered Sky (BR75 weapon coating)
  • Level 29 – Spring Blossom Filter (helmet attachment)
  • Level 30 – Swordsman’s Belt (utility)

With that, you should know everything you need to know about the Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai event challenges. While you’re here, you can learn how to get the best performance via our Halo Infinite settings guide and how Halo Infinite ranked mode works.