Halo Infinite ultimate challenge and reward

Details on how to complete the Halo Infinite weekly challenges, as well as what this week’s ultimate challenge and the challenge reward up for grabs

Want to know how to complete this week’s Halo Infinite ultimate challenge? Every week you can unlock a free cosmetic for your Spartan. To get this new look, you have to complete a list of challenges, and play a lot of matches. These challenges also give you experience points you use to level up the Halo Infinite battle pass.

Challenges can be found in the battle pass menu and it lists the current active challenges and upcoming challenges, including the Halo Infinite ultimate challenge for that week. Each challenge is colour-coded by difficulty, so bright grey challenges are the easiest, the bluish-grey challenges are of medium difficulty, and the bright blue ones are the most challenging. One of the upcoming challenges will take its place when you complete a challenge, though which challenge it is, is random.

Once you’ve completed each challenge, you’re given one more challenge before you can claim your weekly reward. This challenge is the same for everyone. In this guide, we’ll give you tips on how to complete the Halo Infinite weekly challenges in your queue, explain what this week’s Halo Infinite ultimate challenge is, and what the weekly ultimate challenge reward is.

Halo Infinite’s weekly challenges reset every Tuesday at 7pm BST / 2pm ET / 11am PT. This time is also when limited time modes, such as the Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai event, go live.

The Halo Infinite ultimate challenge for this week is:

  • Earn 5,000 cumulative personal score in Last Spartan standing

This week’s Halo Infinite ultimate challenge reward is:

  • Weapon charm: Tactical Clippy

A list of the upcoming weekly challenges in Halo Infinite. The reward for a particular week is shown on the right.

How to complete Halo Infinite weekly challenges

Examples of weekly challenges you’ll find in your list include:

  • Killing enemy Spartans
  • Getting assists
  • Killing Spartans with certain weapons, vehicles, or items such as the Oddball
  • Completing particular match types
  • Winning match types or playlists
  • Killing Spartans attacking or defending friendly zones
  • Killing an enemy attacking a friendly Spartan from far away
  • Stopping a killing spree
  • Accumulate points in playlists

If you’re not happy with these challenges, then you can use a Challenge Swap item to replace it with another one. You get these items as part of the battle pass, so you only have a finite number of them. Nevertheless, they can be good for getting rid of a particularly nasty challenge, such as winning three BTB Stockpile matches. Still, we must stress that there’s no guarantee that the challenge you get will be any easier, so do exercise caution if you decide to use a Challenge Swap.

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To help you get better at Halo Infinite PvP, we suggest having a look at the best Halo Infinite guns to see which weapons and gadgets you should keep an eye out for in every match. Once you have the reward, you can use our Halo Infinite character customisation guide for how to equip it.