Halo Infinite The Pit map remake from 343 Industries frustrates fans

The Halo Infinite The Pit map remake has upset a number of Halo players since its reveal, mainly due to the rollout of the reveal from 343 Industries

Halo Infinite The Pit map remake from 343 Industries frustrates fans: Halo Reach Spartan Emile skin in Halo Infinite

A series classic multiplayer map is coming to Halo Infinite in The Pit according to 343 Industries, but players are frustrated that the announcement comes with yet another wait time, as the Halo Infinite roadmap continues to stack up for the FPS game.

During the HCS (Halo Championship Series) esports event, 343 Industries celebrated the 15th anniversary of Halo 3 by announcing that a remake of fan-favourite map The Pit is coming to Halo Infinite. There was even some footage of the map’s remake in the multiplayer game, which you can catch below.

Adding The Pit does mean that the Halo Infinite roadmap from 343 Industries has expanded, as now the winter update maps of Detachment and Argyle won’t be the only extra play spaces. However, many players are frustrated that the map was revealed on Halo 3’s birthday only for it to not be out for months, adding to the ongoing content drought that plagues the game.

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While some players appreciate the effort being put in by 343 industries here, and the new aesthetic of the classic Halo 3 map. Halo content creator and YouTuber Mint Blitz writes: “Please don’t call it a world premiere if you can’t release it to matchmaking the same day. Technical debt and waiting for Forge once again sadly.”

There hasn’t been outright confirmation of more classic maps, 343 Industries head of creative Joseph Staten has previously mentioned that classic maps in Halo Infinite would be cool, and he specifically drew light to The Pit, Blood Gulch and Guardian. This by no means confirms that these maps specifically will be coming to Halo infinite, but the announcement of The Pit suggests more are on the way.

Players are also highlighting how The Pit remake was touted as a “world premiere” even though it’s not out until November, and how there was no actual confirmation of it will be in matchmaking either, even if that does seem likely.

If that’s not enough for you, we talked to a creator making Halo Infinite Lord of the Rings maps in Forge, with The Shire already shown off and more playable multiplayer maps potentially in the works as well.

There’s also a new piece of content coming to Halo Infinite via support studio Certain Affinity, with the developer’s CEO recently saying that the potential new multiplayer mode they’re working on will be “something big” that has over 100 developers working on it.

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