Halo Infinite: Winter Contingency has free daily rewards and no challenges

Halo Infinite's winter event is basically a Spartan advent calendar

The wintry colour schemes for the Halo Infinite: Winter Contingency event

Halo Infinite: Winter Contingency has arrived, with it come a host of holiday-appropriate cosmetics to unlock. This one bears further explanation, however, as while it looks very much like the Fracture: Tenrai event, it has none of the event-specific challenges to complete. Here’s what to expect from Winter Contingency.

Winter Contingency has gone live today, December 21, and will last until January 4. Each day you log in and complete a match of Arena or Big Team Battle, you’ll get one of the ten event cosmetics – this is effectively a Halo advent calendar. The extra few days of the event will give you a chance to catch up on a few daily giveaways, if you miss any, but you won’t be able to just log in on the final day and collect them all.

There are no challenges associated with Winter Contingency, despite the usual “complete event challenges” message in the menu. Each item you can unlock here is one of those single daily giveaways, as the devs explain in the announcement.

Despite a broadly positive response to the game itself, Halo Infinite’s progression systems have been the subject of plenty of criticism. The devs at 343 have already reworked challenges multiple times over, and more fundamental changes are coming, and there are similar improvements on the way for the next round of the Fracture: Tenrai event.

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For help completing the Halo Infinite Season 1 battle pass and all the normal weekly challenges, you can follow those respective links.