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Hellblade 2 finally gets launch date, is just as short as the original

At the Xbox Developer Direct, Ninja Theory reveals the long-awaited Hellblade 2 launch date alongside a new glimpse at Senua's Saga.

Hellblade 2 launch date: A woman engulfed by fire screams, her eyes shut tightly as embers fly up around her

Hellblade 2 gives us a late holiday gift with a brand-new launch date as well as a deeper dive into Senua’s Saga and its Icelandic-based lore. With just a few months to go until the game drops, we learn that Ninja Theory doesn’t have a lengthier game planned than the original, but it does have a hefty chunk of lore that it looks to fit within the sequel’s few hours of playtime.

In Hellblade 2, Ninja Theory says it hopes to make the action-adventure games “as faithful to history” as they’re able to. The developer reveals that the sequel is a “shorter, narrative-led experience” in which Senua journeys through 10th-century Iceland. There, she strives to stop the Vikings who raided her village.

Since the first game, Senua has “made peace with her past” but her psychosis still takes shape in the form of the Furies, the relentless voices that plague her thoughts. Along the way, she’ll meet both friend and foe in the form of characters as well as enemies like rotting draugr and menacing giants.

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Hellblade 2’s environments are just as diverse as its inhabitants, too, as the dev states the sequel has both “beautiful and hostile environments.” We’ll get to explore them personally soon when the Hellblade 2 release date falls on Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

If you have a current Game Pass subscription, you’ll have access to the RPG as soon as it drops. If you don’t have a sub, the game will cost you $49.99 and will sadly be digital-only. You can wishlist it now on Steam to follow for any future updates and word on its preorder availability.

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