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Hellblade 2 is coming, and the OG is basically a free game right now

While we wait for Hellblade 2 to arrive, Ninja Theory's original game Senua's Sacrifice is on sale for a limited time for 90% off on Steam

Hellblade sale: A woman with dirt covering her pale face stares ahead surprised, her mouth open and blue eyes wide

Hellblade stands as one of the most mind-shattering, psychologically hefty story games around, featuring a complex protagonist and a brutal world to navigate. With Ninja Theory’s sequel, Senua’s Saga, on the way, and a massive Steam sale, there’s no better time than now to experience Senua’s Sacrifice, the 9/10 original that’s still on my mind years later.

If you haven’t played it yet, Hellblade is much more than the action-adventure game you may see it as. Ninja Theory, the team behind icons like Devil May Cry, crafted an unforgettable tale about loss, love, and the overwhelming power of the human mind. The writing is phenomenal, as is the stunning atmosphere and accompanying audio design.

The basic premise follows Celtic warrior Senua’s journey in the Viking age as she embarks on a challenging quest to save her lover’s soul from Hell. In reality, though, it’s much deeper than it seems as Senua suffers from psychosis. Ninja Theory worked alongside neuroscience experts and people struggling with psychosis to more accurately depict how her mental illness can manifest.

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This makes Hellblade an incredibly heavy journey, both for Senua and for players experiencing her haunting story. I recommend everyone get through it at least once, especially as it’s relatively short for how deep its narrative truly is, ahead of the Hellblade 2 release date. The Steam sale on the original game right now lasts through Thursday, January 25.

While this discount is up, you can grab Hellblade for a whopping 90% off at just $2.99 / £2.49 on Steam. The Hellblade 2 launch date is approaching quickly, and you’ll want to play through Senua’s original story before you’ll fully be able to appreciate the sequel’s own.

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