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These Helldivers 2 review bomb capes actually go pretty hard

With the PSN account-linking crisis over, Arrowhead employees and players alike are toying with the idea of a review-bomb cape design.

The radioactive dust is just starting to settle on the fracas that was the Helldivers 2 PSN account-linking debacle, but you can feel the collective sigh of relief from players and developers alike now that Sony has relented and dropped the requirement. As peace has once again spread across the land, some Helldivers 2 players have suggested a cape design commemorating the event, emblazoned with a pattern based on the massive spike in negative Steam reviews that ultimately brought the whole thing to a head.

Arrowhead CEO (and Helldivers 2 creative director) Johan Pilestedt shared one clip he’d seen a community member post, featuring three vertical red lines on a blue background – instantly recognizable to anyone in the know as a sudden influx of negative Steam reviews, just like the kind the co-op game received this past week.

“The accidental cape design is pretty cool,” he admitted.

Another design, this one given the full mockup treatment, features a navy blue background with the “recent reviews” graph, this time including the redemptive blue spike of positive reviews, which have been coming in since the announcement that Sony had reversed course on the requirement to link a PSN account in order to play Helldivers 2 on PC.

Other designs add the Helldivers skull logo and other elements, including bombs on the end of the red bars indicating negative reviews.

It’s genuinely difficult to come up with a comparable event in the past 20 years of games – a breakout hit getting this big, then facing such a huge backlash three months after launch, and finally correcting course and (hopefully) living happily ever after. So whether there’s a commemorative cape made for the occasion or not, it’ll be one we’ll remember for quite some time.

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