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High on Life FOV unofficial fix comes to Steam and PC Game Pass

A High on life FOV fix is seemingly available for the Steam and PC Game Pass versions of the FPS game from the co-creator of Rick and Morty, so check it out

High on Life FOV unofficial fix comes to Steam and PC Game Pass

The High on Life FOV issue has been a contentious one, with no way to change your field of view in the FPS game itself, and many players were reporting they were feeling sick due to its impact on motion. On top of that, the workaround most people were using was disabled by Squanch Games, making it even harder for some to play. Now there’s good news, as it looks like the High on Life FOV issue can be fixed.

This comes as Steam users report that Flawless Widescreen – the community-developed tool used to add ultrawide, surround, and Eyefinity gaming resolutions to titles that don’t ship
with them – is compatible with the Rick and Morty co-creator’s game.

While High on Life isn’t actually on the list of Flawless Widescreen compatible games, user soundcooler says “you can adjust FOV in real-time with slider and there is also LOD fix!” With other users saying this also works perfectly with PC Game Pass, meaning both PC versions, including Steam, now have real-time FOV options.

So head over to the Steam page for the download and give it a go yourself if you’re so inclined. High on Life FOV options sound like they should be the standard, especially on PC at a time when almost every other game has the option, so it’s odd that it has to be done by a third-party. Nonetheless, it’s good to see. It may also be worthwhile following developer Squanch Games on Twitter, as they could add official High on Life FOV options at any time.

More and more players will likely want to get in on this High on Life FOV option, as the Steam sales skyrocket despite a PC Game Pass launch.

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