High on Life making players sick, and it’s not because of the jokes

The lack of High on Life FOV options is making many players feel sick, as the Squanch Games FPS game from the Rick and Morty creator has now released on Steam

High on Life making players sick, and it’s not because of the jokes: a man in a blue jumpsuit reaching out between the bars of a cage

The High on Life release date is here, as the Rick and Morty co-creator’s FPS game brings the TV show’s brand of irreverent humour and commentary to the world of video games. Your enjoyment of the game, as hinted by our High on Life review, depends on if you like the show’s type of humour. It looks like many players are enjoying it, even if the lack of a High on Life FOV slider and extra settings is making them feel too sick to play.

High on Life doesn’t currently have any field of view (FOV) slider options in its general or video settings on PC, and the impact this is having on some players with motion sickness issues appears to be greatly weighing down the experience, even if High on Life is a return to Metroidvanias.

This is so prevalent that the High on Life Steam page is filled with discussions on the lack of FOV options, with players explaining how it’s impacting their experience and making them feel physically sick and nauseous due to it not accommodating their motion sickness.

“This game is amazing but I’m sick AF from the FOV and with no option to change it I can’t play. Sucks. Seems like a pretty basic thing to include,” says LadyAnn0816. Many are also reporting that a mod that increases FOV adjustment has been blocked by Squanch Games, although this isn’t verifiable at this time.

According to the below video from SkitsofRandom you might actually still be able to change the High on Life FOV with some downloads, but it really should just be a feature in the settings of the game itself to be honest. Jumping through plenty of hoops on your PC itself should not be the way to do this.

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Sadly though, it appears that these downloads for High on Life FOV are exactly what has been blocked by the game itself, so hopefully Sqaunch Games is working on its own FOV slider and this is the reason why.

If you’re one of the lucky players that doesn’t get motion sickness and need FOV sliders to help with it, we’ve got the High on Life system requirements to help you figure out if your rig can actually run the shooter, we’ve also answered the question of ‘how long is High on Life?’ if you want to know roughly the hours it’ll take to beat. Finally, speaking of sick things, you may wish to know what happens when you stab Gene in High on Life, as you get a reward for doing so unlike killing 5-Torg in High on Life, which gives you nothing.